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Books So Good That They Gave Me a Book Hangover (+ Some books on my TBR that I’m eyeing suspiciously because I think they’re out to bring me down too)

Every reader knows what a book hangover feels like.

When you read that last page of a book you had been devouring, you close the book softly, sadly, staring at the back cover as a lone tear runs down your cheek.

lord of the rings slow tear GIF by Maudit

For the next few days you avoid looking at your bookshelves.

But when you do. When you spare one glance at those books, you look away on the verge of tears screaming “DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! DON’T MAKE ME LOVE YOU WHEN YOU ONLY PLAN TO END AND  LEAVE ME HERE ALL ALONE! DON’T TRY TO GET ME TO LOVE YOU WHEN YOUR GRAND PLAN IS TO BrEAk mY hEArT!”

Or is that just me??




WE can’t be reading OTHER BOOKS when that one book is floating around in your brain like “Heh, remember when you cried on page 215 because of that ONE DEATH! HAHAHAHAHA!”

ANd then we cry… bucket loads.

But like… at the most inappropriate times… like at work… so you have to use your masterful powers of disguise to conceal your pain.

(The Raven Cycle did this to me… And no, I’m still not over what had happened to Noah… I’ll never be over it. Or anything else in The Raven Cycle tbh…)

sad adventure time GIF


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is “The Last Ten Books That Gave Me A Book Hangover”, but I figured – Why limit it to the ones that hurt me recently?


*self high five*

So without further ado, here are the books that gave me the worst book hangovers to date (notice how most of them are the final books in a series… hahaha… ; _ ;)!

BUT ALSO! I WILL LIST THE BOOKS ON MY TBR THAT I PREDICT WILL BETRAY ME! I mean… they’ve literally already got their daggers at the ready soo??

I think the only way to protect ourselves from them is to approach them with love and sad puppy eyes, kinda like this:

Bangtan Boys Love GIF
And maybe sing Boy With Love at the angry books to calm them down?? 

All book covers link to Goodreads so that you guys can suffer love these books as much as I did! Any sequels will link to the first book to avoid spoilers!

The Books That Killed Me:

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Books That Will Kill Me, Just Give ’em A Second:

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Let's Chat

What books gave you a book hangover recently?? Or better yet, which book gave you the WORST BOOK HANGOVER OF YOUR LIFE?? SHARE YOUR PAIN! So that I can buy it and then I can make another post like this further down the line, but with more crying.

Are there any books you’re scared to read because you just know they’re sharpening their blades, whispering to each other “Any day now boys. Any day they will pick one of us up, thinking that they are being brave. But we’ll show ’em.” *evil laughter as they make stabbing motions in the air*?

22 thoughts on “Books So Good That They Gave Me a Book Hangover (+ Some books on my TBR that I’m eyeing suspiciously because I think they’re out to bring me down too)”

  1. Oh my goodness 100% yes all the way to the Raven King. As for Winter…I’m reading that right now. I finally got the audiobook from the library so I can finish the other half and I AM NOT READY! Like, Throne is probably up there with the Raven Boys as my all time favorite male character. And Cress is just so cute! I love how she’s a strong female character, but she’s soft and awkward and kind. Ah! Bracing for book hangover lol. And I really think you’ll like Aurora Rising! I wasn’t a huge fan of the characters but the plot absolutely blew me away.

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    1. I know. I know. What are we to do with ourselves if there is no Welsh King for the Gangsey to search for?? ; _ ; Quick! LET’S INVENT A NEW KING AND GET ANOTHER 4 BOOKS WORTH OF CONTENT!!!
      Oooooo! I hope you’re enjoying it!!! I HAVE TO AGREEEEEEEEEEEEE! CAPTAIN THORNE IS A GOD TIER MALE CHARACTER! Cress is honestly my favourite character, joint first place, right next to Thorne (hehehe ship). Cress was also my favourite book of the lot!
      YOU SHOULD! THERE WILL BE A BOOK HANGOVER FOR SURE! I am also ready for your scream filled review! Nothing like reliving all the old pain that books inflict upon you!
      Ah! I’m hoping I like it! But even if I don’t the cover is so beautiful, I wouldn’t even be mad! XD


    1. I loved it too! (Although there was a few deaths that had me sobbing in a “I DON’T LOVE YOU” kinda way) I’m so sad that we won’t really get any major stories in that world anymore with the crew, but at the same time I’m excited to see what Sarah J Maas does next!


    1. I knowwww!! T 0 T I read The Raven Cycle back to back, so reading Call Down the Hawk and not having the next one to grab really broke me in pieces. A bunch of sad pieces that will only come back together again when the next book is out.
      It’s been so long since I read The Lunar Chronicles… I really need to dive back in to them soon! I also want to try her new series too!
      Thank You!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s so hard with her books! 😭 They’re such a treat and I am a glutton. I’ll eat them all and then cry when I have no more 😭

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  2. I feel so called out by you calling out all these books. T_T I STILL REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED ON PAGE 215. It gnaws on what little is left of my soul.

    I was so mad about Obsidio ending, because I wasn’t READY for it to end, darn it. And then the last chapter?! After I spent all that time screaming and crying and wanting to throw things, I just … I had no emotion left. I was an empty shell. I still managed to shout a happy war-cry, though, at having survived it all and had such a perfect ending.

    I haven’t read Sorcery of Thorns yet, but I’ve seen it on several lists, and now I both am eager to read it and am side-eyeing that nonsense so hard, I’m sure it can feel my suspicion.

    Most of your TBR is actually on my TBR, so … I’m right there with you. Preparing to be destroyed. They’re out for us. I’ve read A Curse So Dark and Lonely, and yup, that one got me. I ended up DNFing Stalking Jack the Ripper, though, but I am soooo in the minority on that one.

    Here’s my TTT post.

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    1. I KNEW IT!!!! I was sure I hacked into someones brain waves, they must have beeen yooooooours!

      T _ T How could you remind me of the ending of Obsidio?? Right here in my house, just as I had gotten over all that trauma??
      All my emotions went with AIDAN! T 0 T
      It was such a good ending though. Too many books leave you in a place of “Well, if they can’t survive that, then how can I possibly survive ANYTHING?” IT was nice to end a book with a somewhat peaceful and extremely satisfying ending. Even if we cried… a lot… maybe more than we’ve ever cried…. LET’S JUST READ THEM ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorcery of Thorns is a crown jewel! I will always champion standalone fantasy books but this one genuinely is top notch! Magical libraries Sammie. Magical libraries with books that talk.
      Not even joking though…. I fully expected my bookshelves to burst out into Opera… *disappointed*

      Maybe our TBR’s are Twins!! Bless! Tell your TBR that my TBR says Helloooo! But in an angry, growling, about to eat my laptop kind of voice!
      They are definitely going to destroy us… The merciless creatures. They won’t even except cake as a bribe like???? Rude. I won’t read you at all then!

      Actually no I will, because the TBR is scary! XD
      A Curse so Dark and Lonely literally has the word Curse in the title… I am expecting to be brought to my knees by its power.
      Ahhh, I have heard mixed things about Stalking Jack the Ripper before. But it’s so well loved by many that it’s one I will give a chance too. Just because I might actually really love it! But also because I like teasing the ol’TBR by adding more books! XD

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      1. HERE, HERE! ILLUMINAE RE-READ ON THE WAY. I so wanted to hate the Obsidio ending for putting me through hell, but I just couldn’t. And so much yes about AIDAN. I mean, really, he was a hero. An antihero, maybe, but in the end, he did save the day, soooo …

        You know, maybe that’s my problem. I’ve been trying to bribe my TBR with cake. I’m gluten intolerant. Does that mean my TBR is, too, and I’ve been trying to poison it?! 😮 No wonder it hates me. I should try bacon. Who can resist bacon?

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          HE DID! T = T That part where he kinda just, turns the oxygen off. Like I was torn. One part of my brain was like “NOO AIDAN! KADY LOVES YOU! SHE TRUSTS YOU! SHE’S GOING TO BE ANGRY AND PUT YOU BACK IN THE DATAPAD!” but the other part of my brain was all *sobbing after reading why AIDAN thought he needed too* “IT MAKES SEEEEEEEEENSE! BUT NO! DON’T PUT BABY AIDAN IN THE DIRT! HE MEANS WELL!”
          It was so sad.

          That must be it. There’s no other reason it wouldn’t right?? But what’s wrong with mine?? I like cake and I don’t have any intolerance’s as far as I know? Maybe it’s been saying no so I could eat it? NAWWW How kind!
          Bacon will work. It has to. Make sure that when you fry the bacon, take the frying pan and hover it in front of your TBR while saying things like “OOOoo Doesn’t this smell niiiiiice??” It might bite you when it takes some, but it will at least know that you’re the boss! *SOLID PLAN!* 😀

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          1. BUT HE SAVED THE NAMESAKE. I was sobbing. Because he didn’t have to. And he did. And his reasoning. God, AIDEN breaks my heart. And they wouldn’t have made it without his actions, so while I’m torn … he was RIGHT, dang it. I shook the book so hard at that point. It didn’t shake any sense into the characters, but I felt better.

            Ohhh, yes, this is a good plan. It has to work. Obviously. Because this is fool-proof!

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    1. Me neither! T _ T Let’s start a petition for a new series in that same universe!! (Or at least a mind wiping machine so I can forget the series and read it again as eagerly as I did before)

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  3. Obsidio *nods* that was quite the ending. I liked having everyone together especially Hanna and Nik. They were my faves. I NEEDED them to survive. And I realllly need to read that Holly Black series!

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    1. Wasn’t it?!? It was so heart aching (baby AIDAN ; _ 😉 but so satisfying!!!! HANNA AND NIK ARE TOO PRECIOUS! I seriously think they were my faves in the whole trilogy tbh. Like I LOVED AIDAN but Hanna and Nik are on a whole other level of love. I could read a whole series about their adventures, which I feel like would just be Hanna telling Nik not to do stuff but he does it anyway.
      GREG! IT WAS SO GOOOD!!!!! I can’t believe I waited so long to read it!! It was as stabby as promised but also so tender(???) and soft. It made my heart go all *clenched fists, followed by explosion noises* It was so good. It was frustrating at times because I was so concerned for them that I just wanted them to nap but they wouldn’t XD


      1. Hanna and Nik are the BEST. Such an awesome couple, and Nik’s sister!!! I need a whole book of her badassery. Also the space staion thing was my favorite part of the series, with the wormhole and all that. and every time they crossed off one of those a-hole trooper/ commando peoples I was like YESSSSSS

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        1. Ella was such a delight! I also need a book all about her messing things up!
          The wormhole thing was so interesting though!!! Like, book 1 was a very strong start, but book 2….book 2 has been lifting too many weights…


    1. Right?? As beautiful as that cover is… she can’t be trusted! I JUST KNOW THAT THAT BOOK HARBOURS UNIMAGINABLE PAIN!


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