Rating System

Oh no! Stay away from me thanks, goodbye!


*bolts to the forest after throwing said book into a cave that I pray it is never released from – else it destroys everything we love and hold dear*


Eh… just Eh. Eh and Meh, and whatever lies in between … if there was anything in between these pages.


It was alright! Seems to be missing a few key ingredients . But still edible.

Oh. OH! NOW we’re talking! *puts on the heart goggles* THIS I LIKE! GIVE ME ANOTHER!

My newfound love! This book deserves all the awards in existence!!! 800 TRILLION STARS!!!

lord of the rings hobbits GIF

My heart yearns to forget all I have read from your pages, if only so that I may fall in love with you again!

I have emerged from this book knowing what true love is, and also with like 8 new personality traits that I absorbed from my favourite characters. I have evolved into a complicated, yet supreme, being.

*drafts thousands of blog posts about how much I love this book and why you should read it. Shrines have been built. I’ll sleep on the floor, this book can have my bed and all my blankets*