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Books I Started Reading But Never Finished For…. Reasons

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My one goal when reading is to not give up on a book before I’ve given it a chance.

I can forgive a slow start if the rest of the book is mind blowing, or at the very least entertaining.

Because if I’m reading something, it’s for two reasons;

  1. It is a genre I love (fantasy for the win!), and generally sounds like an amazing story that I would enjoy and then fall into a state of woe and anguish as I wish on every friggin’ star and birthday candle that I can become a part of that world.
  2. It is a book that is highly recommended and beloved by people I trust. My fellow book bloggers and readers across the world have good reading tastes. If they say a book is good, and it sounds good. I’m reading it. Eventually.

do want to read these books. It’s not that I’ve DNF’d them and have thrown them into the fire.

I started reading these books but never got past the half way mark for various reasons. There aren’t many books on this list because as I’ve said, I make an effort to finish a book no matter how it is going in the beginning. BUT IT HAPPENS! AND I DON’T EVEN REALISE IT!

But anywayssss, I will get round to reading them again, starting from the beginning because I don’t remember anything, and I bet I’ll enjoy them and then kick myself in the face for not reading them to the end when I picked them up the first time.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl in which readers come together each week to scream about either their favourite books or their TBRs (that’s basically what this is… don’t try and tell me otherwise!)

Today’s topic is “The Last 10 Books I Abandoned”

But as I’ve said, I don’t hoard acquire books I don’t think I’ll enjoy. So, I rarely abandon the books I do pick up. 

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Clicking on the book covers will take you to their respective Goodreads pages. Any sequels will be linked to the first book to avoid spoilers!

Caraval (Book #1) by Stephanie Garber


Ok, this one I was half way through this book, but I stopped reading it because I had ordered The Infernal Devices box set for a binge read and it came earlier than I was expecting and I really wanted to read them (and I did, and I loved them).

So I abandoned Caraval. And didn’t pick it back up when I finished my binge read of TID.

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Everyone sings the praises of this trilogy, and it does sound really really good. And because everyone says it’s really really good, I bought the whole trilogy as each book came out. So, it’s ANOTHER BINGE READ FOR MEEEEEEE! But I’m going to have to reread Caraval because I remember nothing other than a big game thing by a dude called Legend?? Is it a Carnival? I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!

The Rose Society (Book #2 of The Young Elites) by Marie Lu

23846013. sy475

It had been so long since I had read the first book by the time I finally got my hands on the second book, and I had forgotten characters and places – I remembered some events… especially the ending of The Young Elites because it BRoKe mE!

I got like 5 chapters in and was so confused, and disappointed in myself because the few chapters I read were exciting. I was eager to find out what was happening and I’d probably have picked it all back up half way through, but I decided that doing a reread would be best. Plus I also have the full trilogy as well…


I do love binge reading…

Prince in Disguise by Stephanie Kate Strohm


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Top Tip: Don’t pick up a contemporary when you are in the mood reading faction of readers and you want a fantasy book more than anything.

I’m still excited about this one though, it sounds cute! And everyone was reviewing it last year talking about how fluffy it is.

But when I was reading it, all I was doing was setting myself up for disappointment. Going into a fluffy book that has no magic or mythicalness-ness to it and going “AND THEN THE DRAGONS SWOOPED IN AND SET FIRE TO EVERYTHING!!” is not smart. There aren’t going to be ANY dragons!!!!

When I’m in a “I’m going to eat all the fluffy contemporary books” mood, I will pick this one up again.

Let's Chat (1)

What books have you abandoned?? Do you plan to pick them up again?? Do you DNF books, and if so what was your most recent DNF???

21 thoughts on “Books I Started Reading But Never Finished For…. Reasons”

  1. Sometimes a book just doesn’t grab the reader. It can be a wonderfully written book but if it is not going to hold your interest, there is not much point to reading it. Someone bought me a Robert Jordan trilogy many years back. As I got closer and closer to the last chapter, I realized that it wasn’t going to end. I finished book three and that was that. I didn’t dislike the book(s), I just I just wasn’t that invested in the characters.


    1. 😭😭 PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! 😭😭 I swear I’ll get to the Caraval trilogy soon! I just don’t know when? I feel like Caraval might be a Summery book? So, I might read it when there is a bit of the sun in the sky! 😂


    1. It’s definitely one of my faves too!!! It was worth it, like… I’m sorry Caraval but if you could meet Jem and Will you would drop yourself too.

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    1. Oooo, trying the Audiobook might be a good idea actually! I’m not too fussy with writing styles as long as they don’t majorly distract you from the story then it’s fine. But I have definitely read a few books where I’ve been too focused on picturing the things the author is describing (in detail) as appose to following what’s happening in the scene. Thanks for the heads up!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The only book that comes to mind that I’ve kind of abandoned was The Cruel Prince, mostly because it’s staring at me from my bookshelf with the bookmark still in it. Maybe I’ll pick it back up again later if I’m ever in the mood for faeries but I’m not sure. I’ve only officially DNFed a few books back when I first started reading; and some (like the Match trilogy) that I should have DNFed; but now I’m better at only picking up things I know I’m going to enjoy so it’s not really something I do anymore

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    1. I really liked the Cruel Prince, though to be honest I binge read them so all the events are like one long book in my mind XD But I remember loving The Wicked Kind (Book 2) and The Queen of Nothing (book 3) more than the first book! I hope you enjoy the trilogy if you pick them back up! ❤

      I ALMOST bought the Match trilogy but then I read 1 bad review for it and was like, nope. Thank god I was. It would still be on my shelves to this day had I bought it. XD

      I definitely won't buy a book unless I think I'm going to enjoy it, or if someone I trust and have similar reading tastes with recommends it. It doesn't guarantee that I'll enjoy it, but it narrows the chance of a DNF.


  3. Caraval *nods* I’ve almost started that series a few times, it sounds kinda good but I hear mixed things? Some people seem to love it, others are like meh. So I don’t know! And Marie Lu I want to read more of, but I’ve just been bad about doing so. Ugh.

    Same on contemporaries. I love a good one sometimes but sometimes I just want a fantasy element and the lack of dragons can be a problem. 🙂

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    1. The first book is the one that’s apparently the most mixed up in reviews. But a lot of people say the second book is amazing?? So, even if I don’t love book 1 when I get round to it, I might give book 2 a go. I MUST TRUST IN OUR FELLOW READERS!
      I keep a close eye on what Marie Lu has coming up. Like, I follow her on all platforms but I’ve only ever read one of her books??? But that won’t stop me from buying more of them?? *dies of shame*

      YEEEEEEEEEES! I think I’ve come to grips with the fact that, being a mood reader, I’m just going to have to go for whatever I feel like reading. Instead of trying to force myself to a TBR that doesn’t match my mood. That would throw me into a reading slump, for sure.


  4. You’re a much more patient reader than I am! I rarely give a book more than a chapter to dazzle me. If it’s not happening, I’m out. Like you, I can forgive a slow start or an overly-detailed style or whatever if the rest of the book is mind-blowing. And I’ve definitely read books that I decided not to abandon and ended up liking. In general, though, if a book isn’t keeping my attention, I DNF it.

    Happy TTT!


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    1. I try my best!! I find that I tend to enjoy most books more when I’m about half way through because I’ve adapted to the writing style and the world and it’s characters. But the first half is so important because if it doesn’t give me something to look forward to discovering then I am… likely going to DNF. But I’ve been lucky so far! XD
      But if we’re not enjoying books, there isn’t really any reason we should keep reading them. If we’re bored then it just sucks all the fun out of reading.


    1. Hahaha! I can totally understand that happening if a book is just not holding your attention, just put it down somewhere and move on! XD

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    1. That it was at the time! When I found the box set online for £15 it was like I could hear an angel choir. I bought it so fast! XD

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