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Things From The Past That Really Should Still Be With Us

You know when you read a book and you just think about how amazing the world in that book is? And wonder why our world is not more like that world? But then you realise that the books world was based off of historical facts in our world. That our world was once like the worlds in some books.

Yeah….. that.



So, I was getting upset about this stuff earlier. There are things that I want to do that are not really acceptable anymore in our day-and-age, but yet they would have been really normal back in the day.

I was born in the wrong century. Take me back! But then again…. MY BOOKS!!! ALL THE NEW BOOKS!!! I CAN’T LEAVE THEM NOW!!!

Maybe if I went back for like small periods of time…. pffffftt because there wouldn’t be ANY issues whatsoever with that.

Anywhoooo, I have made a list of three things that I would like to do but cannot in our “evolved” society.

Books let us live some of these things, which is friggin’ great, but they are kinda rubbing it in our faces because some of these are things that literally will never happen again. They only happened in the past. And apparently they have decided to stay there… rude.

A Grand Ball

cinderella GIF

Don’t try to lie to yourselves. I am pretty sure the majority of us want to go to a grand ball.

My introverted self would not leave the house for any other large social event. It would be great!

People would be talking and dancing and having fun, although…. gonna have to learn to dance first :/

Part of me wants to go because you get to wear an un-naturally large dress which probably looks super fancy and does the swoosh – swoosh. But another part of me want to go so that I could wander around in the halls and/or garden while the music becomes distant and people are still dancing. That would be amazing….

Basically I don’t really want to be directly involved but I want to be in that atmosphere. I think the feelings you would get in a room full of people, in fancy clothes dancing around, would be something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Horse Riding/ Carriages to and from Places

sofia coppola GIF


I get that cars and stuff are convenient but you gotta admit…. horse and carriage looks friggin’ beautiful.

There are actually a few good points to using horse and carriage that I would like to raise in my argument of bringing this mode of transportation back. *clears throat*

  1. Nobody would need to spend a fortune on fuel.
  2. Probably need to spend a bit on carrots and sugar cubes for the horsey but that’s cheaper than the prices of fuel.
  3. Not using fuel helps the environment (carbon emissions are not good for the lungs or the planet really…)
  4. There would probably be stables every where, so we can make friends with the local horses (so then once day they may volunteer to take us on that one dangerous quest no one wants to go do)
  5. We can get rid of tarmac roads and have dirt tracks again?? Yes please? That would be great? Would also help the environment, because there’s no need to cut down trees and what not to see if there’s something round the corner. Horsey has not mastered the speed of light. Horsey has got automatic breaks. Horsey is good.
  6. The chances of surviving a collision in a horse and carriage (If a collision where to happen?? Who crashes a horse?? Is it even called a crash?? Eh) is hella higher than in a car. Soooooo, it’s safer for people.
  7. Horsey does not break down or need hella expensive insurance. (Although they may charge extra sugar cubes?)
  8. #employthosehorsies

I know there are, of course, downfalls to reverting back to this mode of transportation. There’s the chance that the horses would be overworked and/or mistreated. That alone is enough to make me give up on this. But there are many people currently who love and care for their horses, and there are many more people who, if they had a horse, would take very good care of them.

Also, horse back riding also be a thing again??

horseback riding GIF

Don’t even try to tell me that this doesn’t look fun! I wanna go riding down country lanes and stuff. It would be dramatic. I need it.

The Wearing of Capes/Cloaks

marathon cloak GIF

I can’t even begin to tell you how upset I am about this. Like, why did people ever stop wearing them?? Cloaks and capes are clearly the best thing that ever happened to fashion. Sooooooo, where are they? Why can’t I go into town and buy one or twelve? Why are there not multiple choices?? I need one for a quest? Where am I gonna go to get one now? I can go on a quest without a cloak, are you mad?

I know they would drag on the floor and people would probably tread on the back of them and everything to do with crowds is just anger and sadness.

But….. considering I don’t leave the house much…. and when I do, I do it at a time where I know people won’t be out and about…. perfect opportunity to wear a cloak. I could be a super hero? I could be a common peasant? I could be a dark witch who lives in the woods who has come to curse this supermarket because where. the. heck. is. the. cake.

Also, imagine how dramatic everything would be? It would be amazing! Just hoards of people swooshing their capes/cloaks “I’ve got to dash Debrah, I shall see you at the ball!” Swoosh away….

Also, going for a walk in the woods with your cloak whooshing behind you….. I need moments like that in my life otherwise what’s the point?

So these were the three things I wish were still around. I feel like I would be a more sociable person if these three things were current happenings. Basically, as you can tell from the list, I just want to wear awesome clothes that do the swoosh – swoosh.

Are there other things from the past that you wish we still had today? Do you agree that life would be filled with a little more light if we had some of these things?

Let’s Chat!

9 thoughts on “Things From The Past That Really Should Still Be With Us”

    1. Thank You! I’m glad you enjoyed! 😀
      I want to visit Canada OOoooooo oooooo and I want to fight crime and ride a horsieeeeee!! :O

      Can I wear a cape too, or would that be too much??

      Liked by 1 person

  1. okay I totally agree we need all of these things right now. And I’m so ashamed but that gif reminded me that I haven’t seen the live-action Cinderella and I need to that like now, especially because the live action Beauty and the Beast is literally my favorite thing ever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? They are life requirements, we neeeeeeeed them.
      OOOOOOOOOOO! Watch it! I have watched it at least 5 times, it’s still good. I actually wasn’t ever planning on watching it, but then somehow I did and it is now literally one of my favourite movies ever! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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