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Books That Are Basically Made Of Flames

Okay. So the UK has been destroyed hit by a pretty nasty heat wave. And by nasty I mean there is no sleeping whatsoever, everybody is melting, the amount of fans we have going is basically feeding our electricity bill. Very exciting times.

If it gets any hotter things are going to start catching aflame and then there won’t be any water to put out the flames so everything will burn and turn to ash. But everything is fine.

I know I’ve done a few posts about books to read while melting away into goop.

melting GIF
My TBR trying to put me back together because someones gotta read all these books

But today, to match the humidity I may not survive I decided to make a nice pretty collection of books that have fire/flames on them. Because the world seems to like fire today…

fire GIF
Me going downstairs to get food. I’m hungry but it’s too hot to move ; _ ; I wouldn’t dare leave the range of my fan.

In recent times it kinda feels like I’m using my blog to complain about the weather, I hope you don’t mind too much. I have no other coping mechanisms when exposed to extreme heat other than to complain. It works.

Fire is beautiful on both book covers and in real life but y’know…. it burns and stuff…. very dangerous.

You can click on the pictures to go to the BookDepository Website to see the book. I’m linking things…. like a good bean. Some of these books are sequels but the majority are the first book in a series (be careful of spoilers is what I’m trying to say).

Demons at DeadnightFlamecasterAsh PrincessA Shadow Bright and Burning, A

Empire of StormsBlood and SandGrace and FuryMagnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (Book 1)

Fire StudyThe Edge of EverythingFirebloodThe Memory of Fire

TA-DA! Wasn’t this exciting?!? I promise this will be the last post in which I try to convey how close my flesh is too boiling point (hint: it’s very close). Well… until next year that is.

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Are you suffering from this heat wave too?? Do you like any books with fire on the covers (or in the title)? Which ones??


8 thoughts on “Books That Are Basically Made Of Flames”

  1. I love covers with fire on them lol. Empire of Storms is my favorite ToG cover because of the fire. But also the Flamecaster cover is SO PRETTY?? I realllly want it even though I haven’t read any of the earlier books set in that world.

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    1. Hell yeah! EoS is real pretty with all the fire and stuff, but I really like the Heir of Fire cover….. I don’t know why but it’s my favourite…. maybe it’s the green (or because it’s my fave in the series??)

      I haven’t read any of the earlier books either. I want to though, I’m gonna have to find a way to get them :3

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      1. Heir of Fire is my fav book too (tied with Queen of Shadows though) but my favorite covers are The Assassins Blade and Throne of Glass and EoS because those are the versions of Celaena’s face that I picture her as and for some reason I feel like the others don’t look the same, lol

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        1. I loved Queen of Shadows too. Specifically when Rowan turned up and was all “Stupid boat was too hot and I had to cut of my beautiful hair.” *tries to hair flick but cannot*
          Ooooo, Assassins blade is really pretty. So blue!
          Yeah! I thought her face was changing too! I wrote it off as me not seeing things properly XD

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