24-hour Readathon TBR (Hosted by ReadbyZoe)

OK, so. Last minute decision… I haven’t been on YouTube for a while, neither have I been reading in the past few days… lo and behold ReadbyZoe (Find her here: ) is hosting her 5th 24 hour readathon. I have not been able to participate in the previous ones….. but now. I will. ‘Cause I can. ‘Cause why not… I want to read….

Other people are doing it too. I won’t be alone in the dark abyss of lack of sleep.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept the idea is that you stay awake for 24 hours straight and read as much as you can… more or less.

This particular readathon starts tonight (Today is March 2nd, the readathon starts as soon as it becomes March 3rd) at 12:00am (when it is midnight in your time zone). I made my first Twitter account for this, so that I can follow the progress of anyone else who is partaking in the readathon, and constantly remind myself that there are others who are suffering too (+ I will probably get so excited about being able to read for a prolonged amount of time that I won’t notice how tired I am. Who am I kidding, I’m gonna notice….) ….. I am very excited….

I plan to write my progress in a blog post (all in one) and time stamp it, so that you can see my lack of or tremendous progress, cause I am a friggin sorceress probably. Should be fun…

As of right now I have a good 10 hours left till the readathon starts… I didn’t know about this readathon till this morning, as so I haven’t slept as much as I would have if I knew… but that don’t matterrrr….

I feel sorry for who ever I wake up in the morning when I go to get more water + snacks XD.

Sooooo, in my 10 hour waiting period, I am going to try to assemble my TBR for the readathon.

Zoe had said that there is no theme, other than that she was going to try to finish series that she hasn’t… well….. finished. Sooooooo, I am going to try that also. Unless I finish the series….. Then I’ll start a new one and cry about not finishing that series.

Readathon TBR

  1. Rebel of the Sands Trilogy – Alwyn Hamilton

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I read Rebel of the Sands last year, and adored it. I’ve had numbers 2 + 3 of this trilogy for quite sometime, I bought them both on their release dates (I was excited and got a little carried away… both times) and have yet to read them. I started Traitor to the Throne a few days ago and I have read 148 pages out of 570 so far. (That is actually a lot of pages now that I think about it, Yikes)

Hero at the Fall is 506 pages long. That’s quite the number of pages…. now that I think about it the TBR that I have set up is extremely ambitious of me…. I am going to be upset at the end if I don’t read the books I set but it would be my own fault…… Curse my reading ambitions.

2) The Young Elites Trilogy – Marie Lu

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I read The Young Elites a long while back, it was one of the first books I bought myself when I started getting money. BECAUSE TREAT YO’ SELF! More recently I bought the rest of the trilogy and have yet to read them. I remember enjoying the first book, I also remember crying *glares at book* . I hope the other 2 books in this trilogy don’t create tears… haha. Right?

I did actually start The Rose Society when I first bought it and I read 21 pages out of 397… it was a long time ago ok…. I’ll make up for it I swear… I remember the start of the book giving off a dark and evil vibe and …. now I’m excited about it again…. WHOOOOOOO.

The last book in this trilogy is; The Midnight Star. I like this title. It has a nice sound to it. (Also the cover is beautiful, like whaaaaaat. Friggin’ stars everywhere and a mountain. Yeaaaahhhh, I am here. I am sold. Let. Me. Read.) It is 316 pages ish (There’s a few pretty looking pages at the end that I think are included in the story itself but I’m not sure, no spoilers please self)

3) Delirium Trilogy – Lauren Oliver

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Soooo, this series. I am not so sure about. I have read the first book. I did enjoy it. I again started the second book (I seem to have a habit of stopping at book two) but then I read some reviews and the last two are apparently not as good as the first or something. Naturally, I tried to avoid spoilers…. Didn’t happen.. I was spoiled…. I still kinda wanna carry on with this trilogy, but I am not sure if I’ll do it in the readathon. Depends. Sometimes you have to be in the mood to read things ya’know.

I had read 52 pages out of 329 (hahahah, in finding the last page number I accidentally read a spoiler hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHHAHA… Nooooooooo) of Pandemonium.

Requiem is 342 pages long…. again it depends on how I’m feeling as to whether or not I’ll pick these up.

4) Monsters of Verity Duology – V. E. Schwab

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I have wanted to delve into the world of V. E. Schwabs’ writing for a while now…. I have read neither of these books… But I want to. Sooooooooo, I added a extra books to my TBR pile for this readathon because stress is good for me hahahahahahaha *cries*

I have heard really good things about this duology and I am extremooo excitoooo.

This Savage Song is 410 pages long and Our Dark Duet is 470 pages long.

There are lots of pages to read….

As I said….. extremely ambitious……

Let’s hope that this readthon makes a dent in my TBR…. or you know a chip….. scratch of paint or something….. It’ll just regenerate who are we kidding

As of finishing this post, I have 8 and a half hours left to go…. I’ll find something else to do and reserve my reading powers for when the readathon starts. If I don’t fall asleep

I’ll remember to blog it, I hope XD

Till next time chums 😀

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