So… The Readathon… Thing

So, in truth I have avoided writing this post because of the shame I feel… That TBR I set… Pshhh. I had so much hope. I disappointed myself ;_;

I did write during the readathon…. I did fall asleep… which while at the time I thought it was a good idea, I regret. I think I slept for about 5 hours…. I could have done sooo much reading :((((((((((

Oh well… maybe next time I’ll be prepared 😀

I’m being hella optimistic 

The times that I did write is as follows:

(Wow, I didn’t even write anything when I started… *sigh*)

It is currently 2:31am, and I have reached page 262 of Traitor to the throne. I already feel my eyes trying to close… Maybe if I slosh water in my eyes… IT STINGS!!!!
3:12am : I have reached page 299 of Traitor to the Throne…. There is no way I am getting through the TBR I set…. my previous excitement about joining in the readathon has made me feel like a lazy and under accomplishing bean…. Oh well. I’m still reading, That’s a good thing :D, right?
It is now 4:13am and I have reached page 343. Not the end but not ….. yeah. No. There is still quite a bit to go. There is no way in hell I’ll be able to read all the books on that TBR, they are going to have to wait till I have time another day. WHAT TIME IS IT?  SUMMER TIME (except it’s not) PRO-CRAST-INATION !!!!
It is 5:16am and I have reached page 390. This book man…… heeesh. I don’t feel as tired as I thought I would. I FEEEEELL ALIIIIIIIIIVE!
It is 6:41am and I have reached page 472. I’m starting to feel a little tired now. And by a little tired I mean my eyes are burning… I don’t think this is natural… should I get them some more water??
It’s now 7:28am and I have reached page 518…slowly but surely, I am powering through this book…
Ok so I’m awake now aaaaaaaaaand I slept for 5 hours… it is now like 3:15pm and I know that I could still keep reading, and I could finish Traitor to the Throne and perhaps start Hero at the Fall and THEN FINISH THE REBEL OF THE SANDS TRILOGY. Which would be great… that’s my new goal… which this time may actually be achievable. Unlike my previous goal… darn you ambitious past self.
However, the combined knowing that I should be reading and the feeling of complete and utter failure is preventing me from continuing to read, and it now seems that I have the urge to bake everything…Like I could low key go bake some cake right now…..but I’m telling myself not to… so I am just sitting here…. doing nothing productive…. as my life gooooesss byyyyyyyy
So, my geniusnessness has decided that I will eat some pizza, lift my spirits and continue reading….

End of notes from during the readathon…

So, past me still hasn’t finished reading Traitor to the Throne…. and I am upset with myself because there are literALLY THREE CHAPTERS LEFT……. AHHHHHHHH.

So my plan is to finish those chapters and if I want to read the next book then I will…. but you see the reason I haven’t is because…… the other books on my shelf look reeeeeeaaaaal appealing right now….

This always happens…

I always want to read ALL THE BOOKS!

But I can’t…

I am only smol human… with no extraordinary talent that allows the devouring of books (I know, I’m still mad about it)

The grand plan I have is that when I have the time… I will finish it. I don’t need anymore unfinished books….. Nope…. I can’t have that.

The next time I attempt a readathon…. I will prepare in advance…. like a week in advance or something, instead of hours in advance. Clearly that does not work for me….

Either way I still read a fair amount of Traitor to the Throne…. Which is goooooooood. Aaaaaaaaaand I survived the night….. Mornings get everyone…mornings can be evil

thumb image
Me @ the mere mention of mornings.

Also, in writing out the experience, I realised that I am not a fast reader… Which I didn’t really notice before…. I usually don’t keep track of time when I’m reading… I mean why would I…. reading is a reasonable excuse for being late to stuff if I ever left the house.

It didn’t go as planned but I’m not salty about it.

If you took part in the readathon, how’d it go??? What makes you guys procrastinate books? If ever? (If you don’t procrastinate some books, I am very impressed you should get a free dragon as reward for your skills or magic. It’s definitely some kind of witchcraft.)


2 thoughts on “So… The Readathon… Thing”

    1. It is a lot of fun, I’m definitely gonna try to get some sleep before the next one actually starts. I always get way too excited about doing a readathon. But it really is a lot harder than I ever think it’s going to be, I got tired really quickly (maybe I should hoard chocolate till the next one, to keep me awake). I do really want to try another one, and actually read as much as possible without being distracted XD


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