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Series I Wish I Read When They Came Out >.<

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us cower away from hyped books…. because scary ;_;

But when the hype is over…. there are those books that you wish you read because now no one is talking about them. No one wants to talk about them. And then we are left all alone to finally fangirl about a book that is out of the mainstream fangirling… we then pick up fragments of fanart and fanfiction and  fall to the groUND SOBBING FOR OUR  POTENTIAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO HAVE NOW OUTGROWN US, WHO NOW SEE US AS INFERIOR BECAUSE WE DIDN’T READ WHAT THEY DID, AT THE TIME THAT THEY DID….. and now we’re left in this lonely corner….. like lone lonely loners …. alone (just like Sid the sloth from Ice Age) ….. You know exactly what I’m talking about….. don’t turn away…..

Here is a list of books have yet to read and I wish I read when they came out, or before I became aware of the hype because now I am scared of them……. they can smell fear…. they’re watching me sleep o.O …..somebody please maKE THEM STAHP!

1) The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This is my number one regret in life…. I really do wish I picked these up when they came out. Literally my excuse for not picking all the books on this list is that I couldn’t afford them at the time….. doesn’t make me feel any less guilt.


2) The Vampire Academy Series – Richelle Mead

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This series, to my knowledge, has been around for a while…. and I haven’t read them… but I have them all….. overtime I collected them through Amazon’s 3 for £10 paperback offer hehehehe…. HACKS!

I wanna read them though, I’ve heard that they are one of the very rare, exotic, brink-of-extinction, actually good book series about Vampires….. and I kinda wanna read more about vampires…. ’cause I can 😀

Although some of the covers make me wanna cringe a little…. looking at you Spirit Bound…… >_> quit making me uncomfortable….. 

3) The Chronicles of Ixia (Poison Study) – Maria V. Snyder

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was watching PeruseProject’s reading vlogs on YouTube, because I like watching things about reading instead of actually reading apparently XD, and she was reading Poison Study. She was talking about how good it was and how she would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy…. I LOVE THE HECK OUTTA FANTASY…. and I trust her judgement if you will… I bought them pretty cheap though… the only thing stopping me from reading these is time, commitment… and myself  *sobs again ’cause I have no control*

4) Percy Jackson & the Olympians – Rick Riordan

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Ooooooof. I know. Little on the late train over here. They were recommended to me years ago by a friend and I was like “oh yeah, I’m gonna read thoooooose.” Then years later I saw the whole series on sale for like £10…. and bought them impulsively…. where else was I gonna get a steal like that??? So I have them…… working on reading them… one day…. maybe. Although it’s been a very long time since it’s release date…. please don’t throw rocks at me…. 

5) The Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken

KODAK Digital Still Camera

THIS. SERIES! I was innocently scrolling through Amazons Hot New Releases section a few years back and The Darkest Minds was in there. And younger me thought, “ooooo that sounds cool and edgy!” and so I have had it on a list for a while…. ’till I freaked and bought the whole series when I found Passenger by Alexandra Bracken…. which I also haven’t read… I CAN’T HELP IT… if the books are on sale and they sound good, I’m gonna buy ’em…. and have them stare at me…. fooooorrrreeeeevvvveeerrrr……..probably.


I just realised that everything I have posted on this blog is about books I haven’t read yet…. instead of the books I have…. Maybe I should try to do a book review or sommin’ ….. I don’t know….

Hey ho’, are you guys on the back seat of the hype train too. Just wanna see the good views but all you see is smog (aka, other books)? Me too. I seem to heavily fall behind on the hype train. When I finally finish reading a new release…. it’s not new anymore…. and everyone has moved on…. and I’m alone,….. again….. naturally…. this post is very lonely…Sorry….

What books are you guys behind on?

‘Till next time 😀

Good Night, or Morning ❤

6 thoughts on “Series I Wish I Read When They Came Out >.<”

    1. Yay! I’m currently reading ACOTAR, and the last time I read a SJM book there was that MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER!!! I didn’t read for days…. I hope this series doesn’t do that to me….

      I really want to pick up the Poison Study series next, it sounds like exactly what I need in my life (I always need fantasy…who am I kidding?) …. Unless I perish from ACOTAR of course…… then it could take me a while to revive myself XD

      Happy Reading 😀


  1. The Percy Jackson-books read like a train, I tell you! I read them last year, all of them, in one week time. I rarely do that with series, haha.

    Honestly though, you shouldn’t feel guilty for not reading them when they first came out. There are still plenty of people around raving about those books, especially The Raven Cycle – those fangirls are EVERYWHERE. Just saying. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will get to Percy Jackson one day. I aim to read them before the end of the year…. but there are sooooo many good books coming out this year that I’m doubting whether or not I’ll get to them 😀
      Haha, I’m gonna find those fangirls and I will worm my way into the group and make it seem that I’ve been there all along…. they’ll never know XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right?! I already have a list of 150 releases coming out this year that sound interesting and I haven’t even checked releases from June – December yet! It’s craaazy! But I try to switch between new and old myself – most of the time -it kind of helps, sometimes. If I can stick to it.. 😛
        You could do that! Although I do think there are a lot of them who just LOVE it when they can see someone freak out about it all for the first time. You can lure them in that way as well, just saying! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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