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Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia Non- Spoiler Book Review

This book. Gosh. P.S I’m not gonna give spoilers, just express my emotions…. I’m not a monster 🙂

I don’t usually read contemporaries because my go-to genre is Fantasy. But when I do pick up a contemporary book, it is always one that captures my attention with the story  or the gosh dang beautiful cover.

Picking this up was completely random….. and ultimately one of the best decisions of my life.

I adored this book. Heck I friggin’ loved this book. Like sell-my-organs-for-more kind of love.

It was different from what I was expecting… I didn’t think it would hit me so hard.

But it did, in a good way. I was pleasantly surprised and if anything I feel a little more positive….

I loved the way that the book was written. It was written like your everyday book, yes. But it had different formats included, like the chat rooms and the comic pages.

I loved Eliza, and most of the time (especially towards the end) I was highly concerned for her and just wanted to give her a hug. It could not make me care and respect her any less…

Don’t even get me started on Wallace….. I could write you an essay about that precious bean and why he must be protected at all costs.

I really want to read the Monstrous Sea comics now though….

Which sucks.


Good news, Zappia has written/or is writing The Children of Hypnos on Wattpad…. (The Children of Hypnos is a book series which is mentioned in the book that sounds real interesting, like Shadowhunter interesting except secret nightmare hunters 😮 and I need it)

Which is where I am going now….

Because I am suffering and I want to know all the things.

Over all though, I highly recommend this book especially if you like contemporaries and books that rip out your soul and make your eyes water so you can’t. keep. reading, because you can’t see, but you’re not going to stop trying.

My Rating: 5/5


Also A+ Cover. ❤

In the real world, Eliza Mirk is shy, weird, smart, and friendless. Online, Eliza is LadyConstellation, the anonymous creator of a popular webcomic called Monstrous Sea. With millions of followers and fans throughout the world, Eliza’s persona is popular. Eliza can’t imagine enjoying the real world as much as she loves her digital community. Then Wallace Warland transfers to her school, and Eliza begins to wonder if a life offline might be worthwhile. But when Eliza’s secret is accidentally shared with the world, everything she’s built—her story, her relationship with Wallace, and even her sanity—begins to fall apart.

With pages from Eliza’s webcomic, as well as screenshots from Eliza’s online forums, this uniquely formatted book will appeal to fans of Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona and Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl.

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