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Books That Will Lure Over the Mundanes

I thought about this the other day. What if everyone read books? What if everyone loved books as we do?

It might be just the jump to make me socialise beyond necessity… maybe.

But, there is of course the issue that non-readers will read a book and decide they don’t like it…. which would be terrible if it was our favourite book…..Second thought this is a dangerous idea….We’d all cry and fight them about why they are WRONG! MISSION ABORT!!!

However, if you are brave enough to attempt this feat then I applaud you, we all applaud you…. infect them with your bookishnessness I have compiled a list of books that I personally would dive into repetitively without thought because I loved them so much. Although, if you have a favourite book that is not on this list… throw that at them as well.

sandra bullock throw GIF
I don’t think there is any other gif I could have used…

Any Book by Cassandra Clare

Every book I’ve read by Cassie Clare, I’ve just wanted to read more…

While I enjoyed The Mortal Instruments, I think it’s safe to say that I kind of loved The Infernal Devices just that little bit more.

Throw The Infernal Devices trilogy at them… It would actually be pretty good, considering it’s set before The Mortal Instruments takes place, I’d say it’s a great starting point.

There’s also the fact that every book she writes seems to get better??? What was sacrificed for this to happen I don’t know… probably sleep? On the plus side, lots of coffee??

Any Book by Sarah J Maas

Again, like with Cassandra Clare. I just want to re-read every 5 seconds, and buy every book she writes. I have yet to read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series (trilogy??) but everybody else seems to love it. I adored the Throne of Glass series soooo, it’s very likely that I am going to love it.

THROW THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES AT THE MUNDANES!! If they don’t love the first one, make them keep reading. The stakes get so high it’s completely mad. It’s making ME mad… we have to wait till October for Kingdom of Ash……………………..

nicolas cage anguish GIF
I need it so bad it hurts….. ;_;

The AngelFall Trilogy by Susan Ee

Okie. This one I would recommend everyone give a chance. I devoured this trilogy in like 3 days….It was really gooooooooood. It’s kinda dystopian and kinda fantasy? As the title of the book suggests. Angels fall. Humans no good. A+

It was written so well, and the way things were explained was so simple? but so very effective. I didn’t want to finish this trilogy so early, but I couldn’t. Stop. Reading. I was basically consumed by these books. It went waaaaaay too fast.

help GIF
#needtoslowdown #gonnahavetore-read #plznotfastre-read #letmereadslowly #letmesavourit

The Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine

This book is a standalone. So there isn’t much commitment. Easy read for the Mundanes. They are welcome.

I read this book a few years ago, and I still think about it every now and then. I enjoyed it. Enough so that I would pick up any of her other books. Recently, The Wish Granter was released…. it’s based on Rumpelstiltskin….She seems to be releasing books that are like re-tellings and I am so ready to read all of them….

But Shadow Queen was the first I read from this author and I really liked it… even my sister read it. She said it was amazing…. she doesn’t even read that much…

All you need to know is: there are dragons. They are people. But they shift into dragons. There is also magic. But dragons….. they are friendly dragons though, don’t worry. They are only a little bit murderous, otherwise completely harmless….

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I am still currently reading this trilogy… but the first book. Oh god.

Give it to every one. Anybody who asks for a reading recommendation…. throw it at them.

It has everything you could ever want from a Sci-Fi; Space (obviously, who doesn’t love space), Spaceships (also very important), Killer A.I (although I’d say he is just misunderstood, he was trying to help…in his own way) Awesome characters (I didn’t think I would connect with them because of the format…. but I did), Emotional roller coaster (I started interested, then I was laughing, then I was crying….).

Over all though, absolutely amazing. If you’re ever in doubt, just recommend Illuminae to people…. it easily became my favourite read of 2018, even though it wasn’t released this year… I took way too long getting to it *sobs*

I read this in one sitting…. just pick it up, both readers and Mundanes alike….

  baby book story reading GIF
IT WAS TOO GOOD! I hope Gemina doesn’t completely murder me…..


These are the books I can currently think of that would perhaps convert the average mundane who doesn’t read… how they live their lives I don’t know.

Let’s Chat!

What books would you throw at people to make them read? Have you got a completely different list from mine?? Let me know! I wanna know ALL THE BOOKS! MWHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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3 thoughts on “Books That Will Lure Over the Mundanes”

  1. I definitely agree with your first two picks! Cassie’s writing is SO easy to get into, and her characters are always spot-on. Maas’s writing is flavorful and has a great kick in it. I’m not so sure about Illuminae–I mean, I have no idea if it’s a good book since I haven’t read it yet, but I think for ~new~ readers, the formatting might throw them off a bit! Thanks for sharing, though, awesome list!!! ♥

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cassie’s books are always so engaging though?? Probably some kind of black magic…
      Yeah, the format could throw people off. I was hesitant before I picked it up. Once I got to the 60ish page I was sucked into a black hole. Just sat there and read it XD
      Thank You for reading, ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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