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Things to Love about Writing

Reading is one heck of an adventure. Writing, however, is a journey of its own. One that can rightfully be considered a painful experience, because of the whole ‘pouring your heart and soul and barrels of blood and tears into a book that you want to grow healthy and happy, to one day fly into a readers hands’ thing.

I find that while writing can be both scary and frustrating, but also so incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to write out your own stories (either to share with the world or keep to yourself) but you get to improve your writing skills at the same time… I think that’s pretty awesome.

So, I made a list of some of the reasons that makes writing one of those things to ultimately love.

1) You are in complete control

evil walt disney animation studios GIF by Disney

Nobody can question your supreme rule! If they do…..crush them with mountains of cake… they shall die a delicious death for questioning your superior judgement…. Because you have access to several mountains of cake…..because it is a requirement of the writer life…. lots of cake… and pizza….(I eat a lot of pizza O_O  ooops) 

Plus, it means that you can decide exactly how your story goes and how fast your story goes… that’s a lot of power right there….use it wisely… don’t hurt too many people okie?

2) Consuming Daydreams 

When I write, I tend to daydream and invision the scene like I’m watching a movie. Then I just write it out.. with some fancy-smancy words.

bbc two dance GIF by BBC
Awwwwww yeeeaaaaaaaah!

When you get into the writing zone, you can write for a few centuries straight and finish 5,000 stories and your childrens’ children will wonder “how the HECK did they write so many books?!?!?” and you won’t say anything because they think you are a sorcerer/sorceress and you won’t let this illusion fade…..

That’s what writing is folks…. SORCERY!!! 

Trust me…..

3) Stationary Supplies

continues schreeching this is wonderful GIF

I can’t be the only one excited about this…

Stationary…..I mean what more could anyone want…..

It’s literally one of the few pleasures in life…. hoards of stationary is second….books are obviously first…. but stationary.

I adore stationary. I collect stationary. Not on purpose. It just happens. I swear!

But having a shelf of empty notebooks as a writer, is a godsend…. I swear it.

You can have notebooks for anything and everything. You can have notebooks for:

  • Overall story ideas (these ideas typically come to you at night. When it’s cold. And you’re nice and warm in your blankets. And your notebook is on the other side of the room. *sigh*)


  • Inspiration (I have yet to start one of these, but I think it’s a great idea. Just put pictures, quotes, one-line sentences that come to you out of nowhere, or just random stuff you find inspiring like… a really nice leaf…. that could be from the crown of a Faerie king….who thinks you’ve stolen it……and he reeeeaaaaaally wants it back…….RUUUUNNN!)


  • Character Profiles (Literally, you know like how you would fill out the blocks on social media so people know who you are and what you’re about. One of them. But for a character. Example; Jonathan [Sebastian], likes hardly anyone but Clary and maybe Jace for a little bit. Also likes stabbing people for no reason… probably. Is the bad guy but is actually a misunderstood little bean who was not in control of his body because VALENTINE WAS BEING A BUTT-HEAD AND MADE DEALS WITH DEMONS!!) 


  • Information (I like the idea of having a notebook divided with all the different facts that are important to your story and how it’s set and built. Like if you are writing about Greek mythology. Have a notebook of all the facts that you find interesting or relevant to the story you want to write… as appose to having to flick through an entire book or find that one website you should have added to bookmarks.)

Heck, even if you never use them they are fun to have around…. also incredibly convenient at times.

4) Dreaming up New Worlds

Even if they don’t make sense…. they might one day….write down your ideas and come back to them…. you might make something amazing.

As an avid daydreamer, this is my fave. I get extremely inspired by things like the mood in songs, landscapes, heck the whole lot. It’s just all so very inspiring.

There are so many reasons to love creating your own world. You can:

  • Create entire civilizations
  • Hell, create an entire species (go for it you GOT THE POWER!)
  • Create Kingdoms and Empires
  • Create different types of magic, and how that magic works in the worlds
  • Use existing creatures to spice things up (by this I mean things like dragons, fairies, mermaids, the whole shebang)
  • You can make anything without any boundaries. You can plot it out, you can write it and share your genius with everyone. All from your imagination.
  • Writers can literally do anything.


These are some of the things I love about writing. There are so many reasons to love it, and so many reasons as to why everyone can give it a try if they wanted to. If you have an idea, you write it however you want to for as long as you want to. If you decide to share it remember that, some will love it, others may not. If you have a story tell it! It could very well become someones favourite, it could inspire others to write their own stories… double win… double inspiring… If writing is what you want to do… keep going. If the first time you share your work is not positive, keep trying. It’s easier to learn from experience than to learn alone without guidance.

motivational follow your dreams GIF

How have you guys been? Do you guys write too? What do you love about it? 

Let’s chat!

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