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Motivation for Aspiring Writers

We’ve all reached that stage in writing at some point. The stage where we start to question everything.

We start to doubt that our writing is good. We start to doubt whether we should share it. We wounder if it’s all even going to be worth it in the end.

Personally I’m always thinking that the way I write is wrong. That if I were to share my work people would see only how terrible it is. To me, my writing is not where I want it to be.

Sometimes, we doubt that we could ever reach where we want to be.

These are all negative thoughts.

And they are all wrong.

Regardless of your writing style (and if it’s completely different from someone else), your preferred genre to write in, or how you format your writing. It is just that. Your writing is YOURS!

Nobody has any right to challenge that your way of writing is wrong.

You, however, have every right to write exactly how you want to. If you are happy and proud of what you have written, then that is what matters. Write till you are satisfied with your story. Don’t change it because someone else has a different opinion.

But whatever you do: Just. Keep. Writing.

Don’t let negative thought and self-imposed expectations hold you back and stop you from telling your story.

Because we can do this.

And we should.


When we fall victim to this void of negativity and doubt, what we need is a burst of inspiration. Something that will perk us up and drag us out of this void. Something that will get the brain juices flowing again.

Reading writing related quotes is an underestimated tool in inspiring the writer. It seems so simple but yet. When we read these quotes, we remind ourselves that we are not in anyway alone. That we can make it to the end regardless of the doubting emotions in our souls.

Because why give up before we’ve even tried?

And so, I’ve listed some of the quotes that I find incredibly inspiring and that have motivated me to keep writing.

Because I print out these quotes and have them all over my room…. it’s like surprise motivation. Oh, you’re just getting into bed to go to sleep and you are feeling like you should just give up? BOOM! Inspirational quote right next to your bed. Try again tomorrow!

I live for these little bursts of hope!


Asha DornfestC. J. CherryhCharles de LintE.L. DoctorowJohn GreenLouis L' AmourNeil Gaiman


Finding the motivation to continue can be hard. You have to find that particular thing that jolts your brain into action.

I recommend watching YouTube videos about books.

Or if you want to watch something specific to writing. I highly recommend watching Kim Chance ‘s videos. She has some incredibly helpful content. Got me through a few things that I was stuck on for my writing.

Her videos are really uplifting and have helped me get through a lot with my book writing. I recommend going to watch if you need a boost of motivation or if you just need guidance.

We all start to think that we aren’t good enough. But we are not alone. There are so many other writers out there who feel the same. Through supporting each other, we are going to be just fine.

To conclude, here is a quote/gif to live by:

adventure time advice GIF
Of course it’s from adventure time…. Why wouldn’t it be? IT’S A GOOD SHOW YOU GUYS!!!! But seriously… he has a point. We have to be bad at it so that we can get better :3

Chat with me 1

How have you guys been doing these days?

Are you an aspiring writer? Are you in the dark void of negativity? Did any of these quotes help, even just a little?


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    1. Thank You! :3

      Heck yeah! I hide them in say the wardrobe. It like a surprise then.
      “Oh! You were just going to get some clothes huh? BOOM YOU’RE INSPIRED!”

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