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4 Books I Would Love to Re-Read

We may have attachment issues??? We love books as we read them. We love them after we read them. But then after a while the holes in our hearts begins to pulse. We have begun to miss said books. And so, we have the overwhelming desire to re-read.

Most of the time re-reading is because we miss something. Whether it’s the world or the characters or even a certain authors writing. We all have those books we want to re-read.

So today I have compiled a list of some that I want to re-read.

AngelFall by Susan Ee

I loved this series. I don’t mean that lightly. I mean I LOVED this series.

I think about it all the time. I only read them at the start of this year (which when you think about it was actually quite long ago even though it doesn’t feel like it) and I really want to re-read them. If only so that I could relive the love. Who doesn’t like a little love?

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I read these last year?? I think?

I remember loving the heck out of them, especially Cress. I haven’t read Marissa Meyers’ new books yet (Heartless and Renegades) but if I’m honest….. I just want to read this series again. It was the series that made me add Sci-Fi onto my list of “Watch-the-books-in-this-genre-you-might-like-them-Lin”.

The Pegasus Series by Kate O’Hearn

I remember reading them years ago, when I was younger. But I only got up to book 3 in the series. I remember loving the first three books so much, like staying up using a torch to read them, kind of love. Yes, my mother did complain XD

I recently bought the first 3 books in the series (there are 6?) because when I read them, I had borrowed them from my schools’ library. (and they didn’t get the other books in the series??? Even though I asked and they said yes???? They left me in the dirt with my emotions??? Funnily enough they did the same with another series I was reading at the time)

So, I just wanna re-read them, find out how they end. See if I love them as much as I use to.

The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare

I remember these books made me cry. I remember really loving them…. So naturally I want to re-read them.

I have yet to start The Dark Artifices but I want to …….. I’m just stuck in the past….. literally.

I want all my feelings back??? LET ME FEEL THE THINGS! MAKE ME CRY AGAIN BOOKS! PROVE YOUR POWER!!! but please stop hurting little Jem-Jem… okay?

Chat with me 1

How have you guys been??

What books do you guys have the urge to re-read? Any of them on this list?


9 thoughts on “4 Books I Would Love to Re-Read”

  1. Shameless self-promo but I’m doing a rereading challenge in June. Just saying.
    [I still need to read Angelfall, haha.]

    Harry Potter is on my reread-list! And Simon vs.! And Leah on the Offbeat! And 180 Seconds! And.. the first three Game of Thrones-books because I want to read the rest as well but need to refresh my brain on the previous ones. 😛

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  2. I LOVED Angel Fall by Susan Ee! I got it years ago when it was first released, and she’d priced it for less than a dollar in Kindle. I re-read it in January and it was as good as I remembered it being!

    I haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles in forever! I definitely loved them when they first released, buying it for my kindle back to back, and then waiting a year for Winter to release!

    Cress was definitely my favourite of the series owing to the main character and I sharing the tendency to daydream a lot.

    And Sigh…The Infernal Devices is one of my favourites series’ of all time. I haven’t gotten around to The Dark Artifices either, for the fear that it’ll be more like The Mortal Instruments than the preferred. Let’s see 🙂

    Such a great post to reminisce on some of my favourite books!


    1. Aren’t previously read books great? They just fill my heart with so much joy! YESSSS CRESS WAS MY FAVE CAUSE OF THE DAYDREAMING TOO!
      I relate so hard to Cress. Minus the hacking, I would say her personality and mine are basically twins. “What is sky? What does it do?”

      The one thing that hasn’t made me avoid The Dark Artifices is that there is the possibility that Jem and Tessa are in there. I live for them.
      Thinking about these books make me happy, but then sad because there is no more after them???
      Thank you for visiting!
      Happy Reading! 😀


  3. Oh I so want to reread The Infernal Devices too! Actually…ALL the Shadowhunter books.😂And there’s so many so hah ha @ that plan, Cait, you genius.😂 I just need 9 more hours in my day, right?! I also would love to reread the Angelfall books so I can finally read the last one!

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    1. YEEESSSSS! There should be a book event in which everyone re-reads the Shadowhunter books over the course of a few weeks.

      Everyone will be tired and emotional it would be SO GREAT!!!!


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