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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Merchandise I Need To Survive

Today's Top Ten Tuesday brings youuu: Bookish Merchandise that I ADORE WITH EVERYTHING I AM!! OKAY?!?!
Also, these may be good gift ideas??

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This Reader Confession #1

A confession that has been long in the making regarding my reading tastes.

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How to Know You’re Reading Your Next Favourite Book!

A list of the symptoms that appear which can tell when you are reading your next favourite book.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Are Sitting On The Throne Of My Heart

Todays' Top Ten Tuesday is books that hold Sensory Memories! Basically it's just nostalgic book pain reflection tbh

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Mid June Book Haul

I bought some books! Heck yeah! I hAve No rEgrEtS! NOpE! nOnE! Except that I should have bought more :3

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Make Me Wanna Flyyyy Awwwaaaayyyyyy!!!

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is "Books that make you want to travel!" Check out my not-ten-but-three list of travel inspiring books!!!

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4 Books I Would Love to Re-Read

A list of books that I would really like to read again and again and again and again.... (But we all know that re-reading causes issues with the TBR) Oooooppppsss!