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This Reader Confession #1

Every reader has different experiences. Whether that is while reading a book, or things surrounding books (i.e. genre preferences, higher expectations, etc.). While collectively we can say that we all love books and anything that involves books (I think we all get a little crazy when we find bookish merch that is affordable and accessible to us).

I have a few things, involving books, that I do/ have discovered that I’m not sure are widespread (in the sense that everyone knows what’s going on). So I’m just gonna create blog posts about little separate things I have discovered about my reading/ obsession with books.

I feel a little like I’m having an adrenaline rush?? I’m making this a series…. there will probably be a few of these posts. But I don’t know what they are going to be filled with. It will definitely be book related, that I know. But maybe in time it will change as we go along.

If any of the things I talk about in these post relate to you, scream to me through the void  summoned by your TBR. There’s a 456974646% chance I’m going to screech back.

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Reading Genre

My favourite genre is Fantasy. That’s a fact. I love anything fantasy, I could read it for the next 10 centuries and be having the time of my life. Heck, I wrote a whole post about Why I Love Fantasy. If I see a fantasy book, it’s either on a list waiting to be bought or it’s sitting on my shelf. They can’t hide from me *cackling*

However, if you follow my blog or visited during the summer time, you will know that I was on a contemporary spree. I read so much contemporary (Fun Fact: The majority of the book reviews on my blog are of contemporary books!). And it was all amazing. Which surprised me.

Through out my reader life, I didn’t really like the idea of contemporary books. Books were ways that I could escape and explore places that I will never get to visit (still salty that I can’t ride a dragon or swim with a kraken in this mortal world), and the idea of staying in the same world I was already trapped on seemed like such a horrible idea. Younger me clearly just wanted to ride dragons and run around in castles… which is… exactly what I want to do now.

But alas. This older me that I have become is so much smarter than younger me. I started by reading like one contemporary every few months, but then…. THEN! This summer of 2018 came around smiling at me and I was all, “Oh. What’s this? Cute, Fluffy Reads that make the heart swell?? Hmmm. Yeah ok. I’ll read a couple.”


All the exits have been sealed and now there is no way I can get out of this. There are fluffy books all around. There are quadruple the amount of book recommendations that I am adding to my lists (sorry bank account) and my contemporary shelf is growing. I have been consumed by the books of fluff! SOMEONE! SEND! HELP! but also don’t because I’m having a great time.

Hehe. Liking more than one genre is fun. I don’t know why I didn’t try to read other genres sooner. I feel like the universe has lied to me. I’ve been missing out on amazing books this whole time….

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BUT NOW I’M NOT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’M NOT LIMITED TO JUST FANTASY BOOKS ANYMORE AHHAHAAHA! I HAVE LISTS OF BOOKS FROM DIFFERENT GENRES LIKE: CONTEMPORARY (I am now nicknamed devourer of fluff) SCI-FI (I am also now a breathing moon why not?) AND I HAVE A FEW HISTORICAL BOOKS FLOATING AROUND TOO (although I have yet to read any classics….. baby steps… we’ll get there)!!!!

So, there you have it folks! I discovered that I actually really like fluffy contemporary (heh… fluffy, some of it was so not-fluffy that they gave me actual, physical heart pain) and I decided to scream it at you!! Fantasy is still my Number 1, though. But now I have a Number 2! Which gives me so many more books to buy!

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Hmmmm, something doesn’t seem quite right about that….

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What’s your favourite genre? Do you like more than one?? Have you recently discovered that you really enjoy a genre that you didn’t think you would?

11 thoughts on “This Reader Confession #1”

  1. Oh my gosh, I was the other way around! Like for YEARS I only read contemporary and convinced myself it was my all time favorite genre that I wanted to read and write, and exploring other books wasn’t something I did when there were so many contemporary books I wanted to read. I thought I was focused, but looking back I limited myself to so many great books. Basically, books are just amazing.

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    1. Haha! I think maybe our younger selves, were like picky eaters but with books?? We find something we like and we only want that! (When I was a kid, potato smileys everyday. I refused to eat anything without those smileys XD )
      I think books would win every award… “And the award for most entertaining, heart shattering, tear inducing, turning people into mush goeeeeess toooooooooo BOOKS!” XD Books are above and beyond, clearly the true rulers of this dimension…

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  2. It’s so cool that you’re branching out to different genres! I’m the same as you (or well, the same as you used to be) when it comes to fantasy, and I’m not at a place yet where I can read anything else, but I’m sure that one day I’ll probably come to the same fluffy-contemporary revelation as you xD

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    1. It is really exciting!! although… my tbr isn’t happy about it at all! XD YES! JOIN THE FLUFFY-CONTEMP CREW!!!! We have emotions heeeeeerrrreeeeee!!! Emotions are fun! XD But painful….. very dangerous things XD

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  3. Fantasy – be it “high” fantasy (other world) or “low” fantasy (our world) – has always been my favourite genres. Having said that, one of my writing WIPs is a contemporary, so I have been reading a LOT more contemporary, both YA and adult, in the last few years. I’ve learned a lot from this genre, and I love it too. But it’s so hard to now choose an ultimate “favourite” because they’re both so different!!

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    1. I think maybe that’s the reason we love fantasy so much? Because there is not only so many books in that genre, but there are so many different ones (other world, our world). Set in different places with different themes.

      100% agree! Choosing a favourite is now a billion times harder XD I think fantasy has/and will always be my favourite, like… fantasy is the king of the castle and contemporary has become the princess 😀

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  4. Fantasy is my favourite genre too 🙂 I’m not the biggest fan of contemporary but I do dabble from time to time. I always try to make sure that I read a little bit of different genres interspersed with fantasy so that I don’t grow too comfortable. It’s always great finding nice surprises!

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    1. YAS! Fantasy Bros! I love it when you decide to dabble in something new and come out loving it. 100% this is what happened with me and contemporary books! I read so many good ones in a row that I just… I have now accepted that they are now going to be a more prominent part in my reading! 😀

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