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Three Quotes in Three Days Tag: 1/3

A massive thank you to Sanjula and Reet over at The Blue Moon Archives for tagging me!

This tag looks like so much fun and I am confused as to where it has been in my life since now? Why haven’t I heard of it before?

Rules of the Tag:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  • Nominate three bloggers each day.

This challenge is also going to be a bit mad though I think. There are so many good quotes in so many different books that choosing three may be difficult, but let’s start off this challenge with a bang!

I still cannot fathom her pattern. My brain the size of a city, and still she is beyond me.

They are beyond me.

These humans.

With their brief lives and their tiny dreams and their hopes that seem fragile as glass.

Until you see them by starlight, that is.

                                                                — AIDAN, The Illuminae Files

AIDAN was undeniably one of my favourite characters in this series. AIDAN more or less has the majority of the best quotes in the entire series, probably because he spends the whole time trying to figure out humans.

I Tag:


Anybody who wants to do this tag! I know that some bloggers have pretty hectic schedules and so I don’t want to tag anyone, just in case it adds to that already busy schedule.

This tag is smol and cute, but there is no obligation to do it if you don’t wanna! :3

NOTE: Because this tag goes on for the next three days straight (for me anyway), and I usually post once every two days. I’m gonna post twice tomorrow (once for this tag and the other is my scheduled post), so my other post isn’t not going to come 😀 WORRY NOT MY FIENDS!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day guys! :3

8 thoughts on “Three Quotes in Three Days Tag: 1/3”

    1. Everything about AIDAN is basically beautiful (he has his faults sure, but his heart is pure [metaphorical heart though….. he doesn’t have a body])
      Hehe, don’t worry smol bean ❤

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