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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That The World Screeched About, That I Have Read and Am Now a Part of the Collective Screech.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

Today’s theme is “Popular Books that Lived Up to the Hype.”

It’s pretty safe to say that I am one of the small group of people who pick up hyped books waaaaaaay after the hype has quietened down. Literally, I’m always late to the party. Probably because I get distracted and don’t read the New- New releases. I read last years New releases…. which aren’t new anymore….. shhhhhhh, they are new to me. I really need to make more time for reading….

Home Alone Eating GIF
I’m in a really Christmas-sy mood and I don’t know why??? Home Alone is literally my favourite Christmas movie too! I mean… it’s basically almost Christmas.

Anywhooooo! Let’s bounce into this list!

Illuminae Files by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

I remember almost buying it when it came out…. but then the new format scared me and I got distracted by several other shiny books. Fast forward a few years later and BOOM! I’m obsessed.

1,000,000,000% agree with all the hype. I will continue to screech about this series for at least 29 centuries….. maybe more.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I actually didn’t know there was hype for this series until after I read the first book, Cinder. All I knew was that there was a lot of good reviews on Amazon and I was all “Eh, what the heck. Let’s get it.” And then I cried while I waited for the next books to arrive because I read it waaaay to fast.

1,000/10 agree with the hype surrounding the Lunar Chronicles. I actually think I’m due for a re-read soon.

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

I think all of Cassandra Clare’s books are hyped?? But this one….. I think I missed the majority of the hype because I read the trilogy after all the books had been released. I was in the after-after-party in hyping this trilogy even further.

I mean I haven’t read any of the newer books. I haven’t even started Lady Midnight. But I’m hearing that Jem is in there. That’s one thing I really do like about Cassandra Clare’s books, they all kind of tie in together and we’re always so shocked because how did we not see this coming??? There was foreshadowing. And we missed it!!!!!! 

This trilogy could stab me in the heart 94,000 times. I’d be fine with it.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Ah yes. I remember reading this. It was back when I literally was in no way involved with the bookish community. Or any community really. It was just me and ma books. (On the plus side of it though, I never had any spoilers). I loved it back then (and sobbed my heart out when I saw the release date for book 2 was like 9 months away) and I’m pretty sure I would love it again if I re-read it.

I think the hype started as the series grew (but…. y’know, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the difference between a hyped book and a non-hyped book if swacked a list in my face), so it’s a lot more hyped now than it was before.

73,000 points to House Ember.

Alas, despite pre-ordering both the second and third book I have yet to read further into the series. I want to so bad…. but I haven’t??? ; _ ;

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

You should have know that this would make the list. I don’t know how long I’ve been screaming about this book, but I’ve yet to stop. I heard about this book and all its hype from booktube (this was when I had kinda started paying more attention to the bookish community – I didn’t really know it existed) but it wasn’t until much later that I actually bought it. And then another long while till I read it.


go on yes GIF
You know you want toooooooo.

10,000,000,000 OUT OF 5 STARS!!!!!

*nervously looks around* Soooo. Haha. I haven’t read that many super hyped books…. yet.

So I’m gonna split this post 5/5. Above are 5 hyped books I have read. And now I’m going to bundle up some hyped books that I want to (and will eventually) read.

The below book covers are linked to Goodreads so you guys can fly away and find them too!

Why do all the fun posts always end up being full of TBR shame??? I swear this happens every time.

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What are your favourite hyped books? Are there some hyped books that you didn’t find amazing?? Are you also hiding behind a tbr filled with hyped books?? Why do we hoard all these books we know we are going to love… but then don’t read them for a century or two??? Maybe science knows???

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books That The World Screeched About, That I Have Read and Am Now a Part of the Collective Screech.”

  1. I didn’t find the first three TMI books to be anything spectacular, but I’m determined to one day continue on with the books to give Cassie Clare another chance. On the other hand, all of SJMs books are so hyped and I’m living for it because she’s a queen.

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    1. City of Glass was my fave of the series I think. And Heavenly Fire was pretty good. SJM is a literal queen and I will hug and devour everything she writes!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I tend to read old new releases??? Like new releases I’ve bought and left on my shelf for a year…. so they’re not new… but they are to me? I swear I bought them like yesterday???


  2. Omg I laughed out loud at your title haha. The only book I’ve read so far that you had on your list is Illuminae. I enjoyed the plot but was kind of iffy on the characters, so I just haven’t picked up more of the series. I really need to read the Lunar Chronicles, though!
    I’ve read Children of Blood and Bone (which was probably the most hyped book I’ve ever read so my expectations were sky high) and Scythe. I actually really, really, really enjoyed Scythe and the sequel, Thunderhead. I actually just blogged about how much I loved Scythe. Maybe my fave book of the year? So that’s probably my top recommendation. 🙂


    1. We are a screech choir! XD YEEES READ THE LUNAR CHRONICLES!!!!! All the characters in that series are so friggin’ precious ; _ ;

      Right! Scythe! I think I will pick up Scythe next….

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  3. You’ve got some great taste in books! I absolutely love Cinder, Illuminae, and the Infernal Devices! And you should DEFINITELY check out whats on your hyped TBR list! Scythe and A Darker Shade of Magic are a couple of my favorite books of all time.

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    1. Why thank you! 😀 I don’t think I can ever not love Illuminae??? I think that would literally be impossible. Same with the Lunar Chronicles and TID! Too much love! It hURts!!!
      I will! I will! I’m hoping to get around to Scythe soon, it’s been catching my interest quite a bit. I’m glad you liked them!! I really need to pick up the pace of my reading XD I’ll get to them I swear it!!!

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      1. Right?! Illuminae is just absurdly amazing!! Hahahaha I completely agree, talking about the characters and plot hurts my heart sometimes 😅

        Aghhh yes!! Scythe is just so freaking good!! I love it so damn much. That second book is KILLER. I cannot wait for the next book!! 😭

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  4. I’ve been reading a lot more YA/NA contemporary recently because (A) I feel like the genre is improving a lot, especially due to the inclusion of more diversity, and (B) I’m currently writing my own YA contemporary so am trying to “immerse” myself in it.

    There a lot of “hyped” and very good YA/NA contemporaries out there these days. I read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda before it was hyped, and loved it. I read Autoboyography after the hype started, and adored it just as much. I feel like this is one genre where my enjoyment almost always matches up to the hype, and that’s a good thing!!

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    1. I agree! These are exciting times for YA and NA with all the diverse reads that are getting released! *vigorous clapping* YEEESS! MORE FLUFFY BOOKS FOR ME TO DEVOUR!!! Is it fluffy??? Or will it make me cry???

      I love it when the hype matches your own enjoyment ’cause then, everyone can relate to that enjoyment and it’s just one big screech fest and I just !!!!! I think it might be one of the best things in the world :3

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        1. There really is nothing worse than whisper-screeching alone… God knows what we would do without the book community!!


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