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Things From the Past That Really Should Still Be With Us #2

While we can all agree that technology is amazing, and we can safely say that we spend the majority of our days looking at screens. Sometimes there is a longing to… dabble in the ways of the old, if you will.

hocus pocus witch GIF

I previously made a list of things from the past that we should still have.

But, the things in that list were pretty big in the grand scale of things, and so this list is of things that are smaller. Things that use to be the daily norm but now… not so much. All these things are available, but not common. Who let these fall out of trend I don’t know, but clearly there has been some mistake?

Hand Written Letters

*deep inhale* 

I know that hand writing letters has gone out of “trend” because it is so much quicker and… cheaper to send messages via e-mail and such.

But with written letters there’s a more emotional connection to whoever you’re writing to. When someone takes the time to physically write out the words with ink on paper, then it’s more than just words. It’s emotion. They thought out those words carefully and wrote every single letter, for you.

Not to mention all the potential for romance surrounding letters. Hand written letters are just romantic in nature. And let’s be real here….. we all love romances that include sappy things like letter writing …. Well…. I’m here for it! \(*T▽T*)/

OOOooo and sometimes there’s this tension of unanswered questions as you wait for the other to reply. Double tension if the setting is romantic! Sometimes it’s exciting. Sometimes it’s scary. Depends on the conversation.

But I think we can all agree that receiving a letter is one of the most joyful experiences in our little human lives.

happy harry potter GIF

Candles (Lanterns)

rainy day GIF

I love candles. I just love them. They don’t even have to smell good. Something about candle light is incredibly soothing to me. Candle time is relaxing time to me. Just imagine, way back when there were candles everywhere, how relaxed everyone would be?? I mean, sure there’s the constant fear that one candle could burn down the whole village but ppffffffftt. I’d be walking down the streets at night, surrounded by night candles (night candles is a thing now okay?) and just be trudging along like the relaxed gloop I am.

I know. I know. Fire safety. Not using candles has most likely lowered the rate of house fires. BUUUUUUT…. if I ever find a spooky lair to call my own, I’m gonna use candles. But candles in lanterns (as shown above) because that’s safer and I’m not a full fledged daredevil yet.

I don’t know about you guys, but bookish candles is a pretty big thing nowadays. I have two and booooooy do they smell gooooood. So, candles haven’t died out or anything. You can buy them just about anywhere.


Type Writers

recording black and white GIF by Okkult Motion Pictures

Like candles, I know you can still get typewriters. Though they are a little harder to find these days. Not to mention hella expensive. And I again know that the reason no one really uses typewriters anymore is because of computers. And that’s fine.

But with typewriters there’s a whole other layer of satisfaction.

  • It automatically prints your work!
  • If you make a spelling mistake…. better start aaaaalllll ooover again!
  • It looks like a hell of a lot of fun!
  • It makes the authentic clicky-clicky noise that plastic computer keyboards can’t do!
  • A type writer will never run out of battery! You just need more paper and ink! WOOOOO! YOU CAN WORK FOREVER!!!!
  • Type writers always have the best authentic fonts!
  • Did I mention the clicky-clicky noise???

You can use your typewriter to write a letter!!! And seal it with candle wax!!

seal satisfying GIF
*oooo-ing nosies*

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Do you write/receive letters?? Sappy Romantic Tropes are still awesome right?? Do you like candle light too?? More importantly… Do you own any bookish candles? If so, which ones??

7 thoughts on “Things From the Past That Really Should Still Be With Us #2”

    1. Type writers are not only really aesthetically pleasing to my eyeballs, but I really want to try typing on one and make the click-click noise…. It’s actually on my bucket list. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I wasn’t aware of the fact that sappy romantic tropes were never not awesome? xD But typewriters definitely are fun! I think there might even be typewriters that are a little more electronic now and can erase stuff? Does that sound right? Or am I making stuff up? Either way, this post was fun! I have to go and design my wax seal to use when I take over the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard people say that the sap is over used, and I was like WHERE?!?!?! POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION GOOD SIR!!!

      *whispers* Magical Typewriters 😮 Gimme!

      YAAAS! CAN I BE ON YOUR MAILING LIST???? I have a feeling your wax design is going to be epic!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always wanted to have a typewriter! It just seems so much more fun to type that way, plus you get to see your creation coming to life before your eyes! That candle wax gif is also so satisfying haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Typewriters are awesome for sooooo many reasons!!!! (More specifically the “click-click”, imagine the satisfying click when you smash the full stop at the end of a project 😀 )

      I want that candle wax gif on my grave in the future when you can have videos on your headstone XD


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