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Why Libraries Are Wonderful But Probably Dangerous

Note: I have nothing against libraries. I actually really like them. But I had a spooky dream about a library, so I wrote this post.

Libraries are naturally just very mystical places.

For one, it is a place filled with a seemingly unlimited amount of books. As readers we are naturally drawn to these buildings.

You could say that libraries are like reader traps. I’ll bet that at least one library in the world is run by a demon of some kind that traps readers inside so that they can never leave. Maybe the demon just wants to give us knowledge or something?? But we readers can talk about books and our love for them for about a century before even stopping for air sooooo……

This is probably the reason why readers spend a lot of time in libraries?? Maybe we’re out talking a demon about books? It’s likely the demon wiped our memories and kicked us out…. because we were definitely winning.

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Most library buildings are huge, bold and dramatic. Even most school libraries have some snazzy indoor architecture. I think the buildings contribute to the silence. Silence and Libraries seem to co-exist with one another perfectly. Every library is quiet. It’s the same with bookstores too.

It seems that where ever there are books, there is silence. I feel like this is pretty metaphorical for readers. Most readers prefer peace and quiet and books. Libraries are silent areas filled with millions of escape portals. We might actually be aliens who have fallen through the wrong portal. We go to libraries and read books to find our way home.

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We stop trying when we see those new releases…. we just gotta have ’em

Libraries stock all kinds of books. You want some fiction? Library’s got you covered! You want to read some middle-grade?? Head for the area in the library that looks like an explosion of colour. You want some statistical documents on how many readers have “gone missing” in a library? I’m sure they’re in there somewhere!


In larger libraries be careful and aware of which aisles you go down! Some are so far into the libraries archives that there is a 87% chance that you will slip into a parallel dimension. And nobody would ever know… they’ll just assume you’re browsing.

Also, a scientifically proven fact: Abandoned libraries are so eerie and spooky because soMEONE DECIDED TO LET THEIR TBR SIT ALONE WITH NOTHING TO DO OTHER THAN COLLECT DUST AND GATHER IT’S STRENGTH IN SILENCE!!! It will stare at you until you leave the premises.

Watching You Michael Keaton GIF by Spider-Man: Homecoming

Basically, what I’m trying to say is…. libraries are knowledge powerhouses and 45% of the time they are inhabited by snarky-smart demons who will challenge you on your literature, and there’s a 98% chance that libraries will sprout arms and legs and go for world domination.

This post is kinda all over the place…… but…….. Guess who has a spooky dream about a library and decided to write a post about them?? 

It spooked me quite a bit. So the library in the dream was in a fancy looking hotel building that didn’t have any separate rooms and only one elevator. So every floor was just aisles and aisles of books. I don’t think there were any windows?

As you can imagine I thought this dream was pretty cool until I got trapped in the elevator with someone who kept bleating at me like a goat but I couldn’t see them, but it didn’t sound like a real goat??…. it was made worse because the lights in the elevator were flashing and the elevator music was distorted carnival music and…….. I basically cried. I dreamed a horror movie. I don’t think I’ll ever use an elevator in a library, if there was one. I’ll stick to the stairs. Or close to the exits.

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Do you guys go to libraries?? How do you feel about them?? Have you ever gotten lost in one?? Do you keep a dream journal?? (I don’t want to anymore. My creative side is all; “Let’s have a good story!” and so my brain comes up with horror scenarios and I can’t deal).

2 thoughts on “Why Libraries Are Wonderful But Probably Dangerous”

  1. Please write a book about your dream so it can turn into a major motion picture because a stuck elevator in a windowless library with a non-goat person who keeps making goat noises is probably the best thing I heard this week. And now I really want to go to an abandoned library — like I know it’s really sad, but I think it would be a fun Halloween activity lol. Thank you for brightening up my week with this post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was actually terrifying. I don’t know what my brain was trying to tell me but it couldn’t be good XD It would make a terrifying horror movie I think XD I would cry.

      I agree abandoned libraries always just seem lonely?? I’ve never been to one, but the photos of them are really sad. I want to give them a hug. Maybe become best friends with it, move in and become a spooky witch??
      😀 Thank You for reading this post! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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