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This Reader Confession #2 (+ Discussion)


We all have them.

Sometime we just use pieces of paper that we’ve ripped from somewhere in haste to save our place (heh – poetry).

Which isn’t a problem…… but it is.

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We HAVE actual bookmarks! The official ones! That are made to go in your book and save your place like good little beans without destroying your surroundings!

Literally yesterday I was reading before bed (the whole bedtime story before sleep thing will stick with me to my grave – it’s a necessity really) and I had a bookmark right next to me. Literally sitting on my mattress waiting to be used…. BUT NO! INSTEAD, I DID SOME INTENSE ARM PARKOUR TO REACH ALL THE WAY TO MY DESK AND RIP A PIECE OF PAPER FROM MY STUDY NOTES!!!!! WHY??? WHAT ANCIENT SORCERY COMPELLED ME TO DO THIS????

When I realised I had a bookmark (when I was trying to go to sleep and was stabbed in the neck by it…..) I replaced the paper with it and threw the paper to the floor. And then I’m always surprised the next morning, like “Where does all this paper keep coming from??” Like it’s some friggin’ mystery….

Life would be easier if books had those ribbon bookmarks…

But alas, that is not the discussion I wish to have.

Why do we have so many bookmarks yet we rarely use one?? And why out of our wide selection of bookmarks do we always use the same one??

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I don’t know about you guys but I have a literal deck of card bookmarks, and I have a few magnetic ones…. but when I do use a bookmark when reading it’s always the same one?? The only other time I use my other bookmarks is if I’m not feeling in the mood to read a particular book, then I just save my place and put it back on the shelf…

Which is fine…. but why didn’t I just use the bookmark I was using while reading to save my page?? Why did I use a different bookmark???

I only recently became aware of this and was startled by it. I have a sacred bookmark. Despite it being not the best quality bookmark, nor is it my favourite decorated bookmark. But yet I’m always using it??

Is it cursed? Am cursed?? Have I formed such a strong bond of trust with a bookmark, that it cannot be broken no matter how pretty the other bookmarks are??

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The point of this post was because I was curious….

Do you guys use more than one bookmark?? Like…. do you switch it up, say after finishing a book, do you use a new bookmark for a new book?? Am I the only one cursed by a card bookmark??

ALSO!!! Which kind of bookmark is your favourite bookmark?? Do you prefer the classic card ones?? The wooden ones? Magnetic?? Or any other type??

Let me know!

2 thoughts on “This Reader Confession #2 (+ Discussion)”

  1. Um, I’m going to take this totally off the tracks and admit: I don’t use a bookmark. I dog ear the pages.

    I know, I know, I know. Bookworms everywhere are yelling at me. But for me, there’s just something really soothing about finishing a reading session and then folding down the page. They also serve as little time capsules — like I can see how much I read in one sitting.

    That being said, I do have a holographic kitten bookmark I love. I hope you never misplace your sacred bookmark lol!

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    1. I don’t see a problem with dog ear-ing the pages of a book. If it’s your book and you prefer doing it, it’s no problem. I used to dog ear pages when I was a kid, but then I found printable bookmarks and became obsessed with them XD

      Holographic. Kitten. Bookmark….. I need to get me one of those!!
      I hope not either XD MY SACRED BOOKMARK MUST PREVAIL!!!

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