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Some Good Romance Tropes That I’d Eat On The Daily (+Recommendations)

We all love a big ol’ fashion bowl of the romance from time to time. With maybe a small dash of “one of the characters of that pairing is destined to die a horrible death for the greater good and has accepted it, while the second member of the pairing is strongly  ‘let’s defy the gods then’ against it and oh hO HO! That second member has arrived in the scene just in time to see the Grand Death! All they can do is scream “NNoooOOOOOooOOoooOO” in slow motion as they try to run forwards and save them. But alas. They are too far away.”

adventure time eating GIF

But isn’t that what we’re all here for?? Don’t try to tell me that you’re not here to find some books that will give you all the feels and make you cry!

It’s not just me right??



WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY, Here are some reading recommendations from 4 of my favourite romance tropes for us all to snuggle up with as Valentine’s day is right around the corner!

I’m linking this post up with today’s Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly tag where we bookish creatures get to scream with each other all across the Internet! Come join in!
All covers will link back to Goodreads so you guys can check them out too!

Enemies to Lovers

Ah! Yes!

The good old, “do I stab them or kiss them?? STAB! No, KISS! SHUT UP BRAIN, I say stab so I’m going to stab! *approaches target* Why are they looking at me like that??? Do they want to be kisse- STABBED! I MEANT STABBED! I’LL STAB THEM! *the brain cackles*


mistake decision GIF

26032825. sy475 4002413932295486. sy475

Forbidden LooOOOoVE

Basically meaning – “I’m going for it! I’m going to do the flirt! Maybe even a smoooch- *self smack* SNAP OUT OF IT! NO SMOOCHING! Although a small peck wouldn’t HURT anyon- NO! WHAT WOULD FATHER SAY ABOUT THIS?!? He’d say hubba hubba- NO! HE WOULDN’T! HE’D DO A BIG OLD “YOU, MY CHILD, ARE EXILED FROM OUR KINGDOM ON THE CHARGE OF CONSORTING WITH THE ENEMY!” AND THEN YOU’D HAVE NO HOME!!

… But they’re pretty? And I’m basically already in love with them sooo… YOU CAN’T STOP ME!!”

i love you hearts GIF

1586383234916578. sy475 30969741. sy475

Slow Burn

The “we met during a battle and we’ve just kind of stuck together? We’re, like, best buds. Inseparable.” “WOW! We are such a great team!”*high five with a jump in the air and everything* “WE WERE DESTINED TO BE BEST FRIENDS!” Until one of them lets the other have the last slice of cake, then uh oh. It’s true love knocking at the door!

the lord of the rings sam GIF

27774758. sy475 2343715612954620

Fake It Till You Make It

A.k.a. Yeah. Ok. So, We’re faking our whole relationship for reasons. But I am 5 chapters away from screaming [with aaaaalll the voice breaks / cracks / emoTIONS] my real feelings to you in the pouring rain… while also crying… please hug me.

Emperors New Groove Crying GIF Disney Stitch GIF Sad Doctor Who GIF

I couldn’t pick a favourite GIF, so I chose all of them. I feel like they all capture the feeling I was going for!


Ok… but why is it so hard to find YA “Fake Dating” books??? ANd WHY AREN’T THERE ANY IN FANTASY BOOKS??? Unless I just can’t find them…

Sad Doctor Who GIF

Don’t make me start a new writing project… BECAUSE I WILL!

However, I found some that would be classified as New Adult though! So if you’re looking for this trope in NA, I got you covered.

36199084. sy475 34466910. sy475 41150487. sy475

Let's Chat

What are your favourite romance tropes?? Do you purposefully read books with romance or just happen to pick up books that have it in?? Do you have any recommendations for any of these?? The “Stabby/kissy dilemma”?? The Forbidden Smooch??

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14 thoughts on “Some Good Romance Tropes That I’d Eat On The Daily (+Recommendations)”

  1. Enemies to lovers is fun. Slow burns are great too (the trope, not an actual burn, because… ow). And To All the Boys was so fun, even if I did only see the Netflix show.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wouldn’t that be horrible but also kinda funny?? They finally confess their love after 3 books of slow burning, and accidentally set their Significant Other on fire. ; _ ; Don’t mind me and all my tears over here.
      I haven’t seen the show yet! Nor have I read the book! XD BUT I WILL SOON!


      1. Oh I would read that… talk about a smoldering romance *snicker*. Seriously though, imagine if they’re in love but can’t touch because they’re pyrokinetics or something? How fun would that be? Okay, maybe I’m getting carried away. 🙂 And ooh I keep hearing the sequel isn’t quite s good but the first one (the show) was really cute!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. YEEEEEES! Sometimes it’s good to spice up our reading with a little, “We can hold hands, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Since we’re faking our relationship and all.” *gets grumpy when they’re not holding hands anymore because it means everything*

      Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s something about being dragged along through the story, paying attention to the main plot but also “OOOOOOOOOO! THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHER! IT MUST BE TRUE LOOOOOOOOVE!!”


    1. Thank you!! Agreed, if a romance story doesn’t proceed in a set way then it can be both scary and exciting?? It would leave you sitting there like “??? But do they love each other?? WILL THEY LOVE EACH OTHER???”


  2. Oh this is so much fun!! I’m a sucker for all romance tropes. I just finished The Kiss Quotient and it was AMAZING! And Six of Crows is at the top of my tbr, so I cannot wait to read it!! My Top Ten Tuesday this week was a love song book soundtrack. This is going to be a fun week! ❤


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