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Reasons To Love Fantasy Books

Now, you may have paused mid scream to ask, “Lin. Why are we screaming about Fantasy Books??”

And, the answer to that one my friends is WHEN DID WE EVER STOP HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA-

But, if you’re looking for an answer regarding the existence of this post, then I have two!

Number One.

IT’S TOP TEN TUESDAY!!!! Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, we get a new prompt every Tuesday, and book bloggers and readers from all around gather to do a SCREAAAAM! And today’s prompt is “Reasons I Love [blank]”

Naturally, my brain filled that blank in a nanosecond, “FANTASY BOOKSSSSS!” it screams. There’s a lot of screaming in this post already… we’ve only just started.

Reason Number Two.

Back in the early days on my blog, and by early I mean literally a few months after its birth, I wrote THISI can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 2 years already?? I still feel like a newbie.





But now. I. Am. Stronk.

strong miss piggy GIF

I seem to love fantasy books waaaay more now than I did back then!

So, without further ado, I give you THE LIST OF SCREAMS.

Any book covers and book titles/series names will take you to the books Goodreads pages, unless I’ve put that it is my review!

Royalty – and General Frolicking Around Castles/Palaces

castle faceless hunt GIF

Simply put. I like books where the story takes place in a Palace/Castle. Partially because I’ve never been in one (I’ve been in castle ruins but not a “building” so to speak) so I’m living through the characters!

Double points if there’s been a murder. And the MC either is royalty or has to work with royalty to help solve the murder. We love a good mystery.


harry potter raise your wand GIF

Any kind of magic is A-okay with me. Do they need wands? GREAT! Do they need certain amulets or pieces of jewellery?? WONDERFUL! Can they wield their magic without additional items, they just shoot it out of their flesh??? AMAZING!!

Setting and Atmosphere

Halloween Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

I LOVE that some fantasy books start off all “What a beautiful day! Today I might paint a little, hahaha! All is right in the world!” and then fall into, “I have fallen into a void of despair and the only way out is to do the thing but I was never trained for this and I can’t trust anyone.”

And then other fantasy books start with running because, “Oh, I’m only being chased by some DEMON HOUNDS!!!!! All I did was steal… a precious artefact… THEY WEREN’T USING IT ANYWAY!” to “I was once a common thief just trying to make enough money to eat. But now look at me. Sitting on the edge of the world trying to save it because all I wanted was to live in peace!” *sobbing*

It’s all about ATMOSPHERE! Like, you can tell when you’re reading a contemporary book. It has a certain feel to it. But Fantasy books… they can take many forms. Be they spooky or soft.

For example.

An Enchantment of Ravens (My Review) is what I would call a soft Fantasy, because of the ambience – there was a large focus on art and the Love Interest, Prince Rook, was soft. He could be considered spooky ’cause he’s fae, but he’s soft. You can’t convince me otherwise.

But something like Throne of Glass is not. It’s hardcore. You can’t go 5 pages without crying about something.


season 7 fire GIF by Game of Thrones

That is all.

Just give us at least one dragon in a book and we’re pretty much happy.


lov GIF

There are so many tropes out there in the big, wide world and the Universe has shown us great mercy and made almost every trope you can think of usable in a fantasy setting.

The Chosen One.

Enemies to Lovers (and all the romance tropes tbh).

Female Character Having To Disguise Herself As A Boy And Blend In To Achieve A Goal And Ends Up Beating Everyone At Everything.

The list goes onnnnnnnn!

The Witty Characters That Deliver One Liners That Leave You Howling

james franco wink GIF

So, I want every book with a character like this in it please and thank you. I find that these characters are a lot more common in YA in general, but BOY DO I LOVE THEM IN THE FANTASY SETTING!!

Characters that come to mind are; Cardan Greenbriar (The Cruel Prince Trilogy), Aelin Galathynius (Throne of Glass Series), and in a Sci-Fi setting; Carswell Throne (The Lunar Chronicles), Kady Grant (The Illuminae Files).

The Ever Impending Doom That The Characters Are Inevitably Going To Face That We Scoff At Because “Can’t Be Worse Than Sauron!”

lord of the rings GIF

BUT OH HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!

They can be worse than Sauron.


I have to admit, even though I really feel for our characters and I want them to defeat The Evil, I’m also always super curious. Who are they? What have they done to deserve this evil status?? What are the doing?? What are the GOING to do?? Are they cute?? What power do they possess?? Do they have an army or a gang of thugs?? But seriously, are they cute?? Are they ruling a Kingdom or destroying one??

And most importantly of all, are they funny?

If a villain cracks jokes I am 120% more likely to love them.

The Book Covers

adventure time drool GIF

I mean…

4356839430969741. sy475 36492488

Do I need to post more?? I could. I could do this all day and no one could stop me.


the hobbit film GIF

Not only are they pretty to look at, but if on the off chance the Universe accidentally mixes up some stuff and you get sucked into an alternate reality that also happens to be a fictional world (of your choosing, let’s pretend the Universe is nice for a sec) from a book, then you’ll know exactly where to go! And if you take that book with you then double points for you, bet you now have the most beautiful map in all the lands!

Let's Chat (1)

What do you love most about books in general?? What do you love about your favourite genre?? Do you love fantasy books too?? What do you love most about them??

32 thoughts on “Reasons To Love Fantasy Books”

    1. YES!!!! I always flick back to the maps when the characters have to go to somewhere, I’m like “Hmmmm, they could probably get there in 5 days and stop The Bad Guy in time.” 😂 It makes reading a much more interactive activity! 😂
      The Lunar Chronicles is amazing and will always be one of my favourites!!! I’ve been meaning to read Marissa Meyers’ Renegades trilogy but tbh I really feel like rereading the Lunar Chronicles! 😂
      Thank you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! Yes, I’m the same with the maps! I haven’t read Renegades either. I also have Heartless unread on my shelf. But, yes, I’ve read The Lunar Chronicles twice and still want to reread it. 😬😃

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you enjoy the Fantasy books that you try! There are so many different types of Fantasy, with so many different story lines and conflicts so you’re bound to find some that you love! ❤


    1. Fantasy is such an amazing genre! Almost always made better if there are dragons! 😂


  1. Fantasy is the best. I love other stuff too but I always come back to fantasy. And for many of the same reasons. Castles and all that stuff are definitely good, because right how often do we get to see or be in those? Setting and atmosphere are huge because there are so many KINDS of fantasy. And of course dragons. 🙂

    Yes to the amazing covers as well! And maps…. I LOVE a good fantasy map. In fact I’ll partly judge a book on how good the map is sometimes (probably not fair but I can;t help it).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Fantasy?? It seems impossible?? Fantasy is constantly enjoyable in its many different forms! THE DRAGONS ALWAYS WIN PEOPLE OVER!!! 😂
      😂 If the map of a book is gorgeous, the chances of me loving that book are very high! They can’t fault us for our love of maps!


    1. I totally agree! I am in a constant state of awe that someone can get words on a page that makes people imagine things so vividly!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for fantasy! I will readily admit that anytime I go to a historical location that looks like it’s from a fantasy novel, I will imagine that I’m in a book 😂 I went to Christ Church where parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed while wearing my Hufflepuff scarf and I definitely looked the part, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH MY GOSH YES! I went to castle ruins a while back and my brain was like, “The war took so much from us..” All dramatic like. 😂LIKE. WHAT?? BOOK??? IS??? THAT??? But in all seriousness, I love visiting historical locations! I definitely need to visit more when the world is safer to wander in!
      😂 That is amazing!! I love the buildings they used in the Harry Potter films, I think I’m going to make visiting them all a life goal!


    1. AAAA Thank you!!! ❤ There really is! We could read 100 fantasy books in a row and all of them would give us something different to love! I wish there was a Map Shop. Like we can buy huge posters of our favourite maps kind of thing. I would spend all of my money on those tbh so it's probably a good thing it doesn't exist! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Most tropes are fine by me, but I have to admit love triangles grate on my nerves a little. But if the trope is done well and in a refreshing light I tend to be fine with it.
      YES! ADVENTURES!!!!! I especially love the ones where the character(s) have to go somewhere that is forbidden, or somewhere that “No one ever comes back out of” !!! 😂


    1. If I could I would stick the maps all over my walls, but that would mean ripping them out of the books and I can’t do that!! 😂 Honestly, witty characters can add a whole star to a books’ overall rating for me. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t enjoy the book, if I liked a character and they were witty – they get an extra star!


    1. I feel like my list didn’t even cover half of everything there is to love about fantasy! 😂 Definitely! Not even major magic, just something small to spice up our everyday lives! ❤


    1. Don’t they just?? I think it’s all that magic and all those dragons! 😂


    1. YES! Political intrigue is so exciting to read! But can also be very stressful 😂 I love it when the MC is 3 steps ahead of their political nemesis and they outsmart them around every turn!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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