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Why I Love Fantasy Books Above All.

Every book has the potential to be a good book to someone, but when you find that book, a book that connects to your soul and makes you feel all the things. That’s when you say thing like “THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE!” “READ IT!”, we could go on tangents about why a book is just too good. We will almost always cry about said book, and become offended when someone insults said book.

My favourite genre to read is Fantasy.

It’s not a situation where I am like, “Oh, I have no idea why I love fantasy. I just do.” No. I know exactly why I love fantasy.


The world building in books these days is out of this world….

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I can be punny

But seriously, the way that writers can just paint such a vivid world that makes everyone want to live in it, looking at you Cassandra Clare, Marissa Meyer, etc; how could you is just amazing. I especially love the books where you feel like you are personally walking through the forests, trying to conquer a evil tyrant who has wielded dark magic and needs to be stopped from total world domination…. You know the ones…..

2) The Characters

I don’t know if it’s just me, but some reason I tend to find the characters in fantasy/sci-fi novels more inspiring. Probably because of the whole, worlds coming to an end and no one else can do much. And so the protagonist must sacrifice a whole lot to SAVE THE WORLD!

They’re admirable. That’s what I’m trying to say. You feel compelled to help them, because they care enough to do what they are doing….. and the beans need protecting from the evil stuff.

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3) The Magic Systems

When you read a books that involves magic, you expect the magic system to be quite complex. It usually is. But when it’s explained so simply, it doesn’t even confuse anyone.

There have been so many times where I have picked up a book not expecting to understand the magic system completely, but yet again if the writing is done well and the system explained well without it being a mad info dump. Then it’s so enjoyable.

For example, in Marie Lu’s The Young Elites the abilities that the characters have is explained and it’s explained so well without there being a large amount of explaining…. if you get what I mean? It was just so clearly put from the get go, that the rest of the book just flowed.

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The best kind of magics … *sigh* Love a good Witch story…..

These are the 3 reasons that make me automatically like any fantasy book. This is not including other factors. I just like all of them because I expect the above factors in each fantasy book…. I have yet to be utterly let down by a one. There have been some that I didn’t love, but I have enjoyed reading all of them. 

What’s your favourite genre to read? Are there any factors that make you automatically like a book without actually having read it yet? 

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