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Places that are the Ultimate Reading Spots

To read a book requires concentration. You probably won’t get much reading done if you’re standing in a crowd at a concert. Heck, you wouldn’t get much of anything done. Which is why I, several years ago, made the best decision of my life…. never go outside and socialise with people if it’s not absolutely necessary…..

work hiding GIF
^^^Relate-able ^^^

This doesn’t mean I don’t like going outside. Sometimes I do just prefer to stay inside….with my books……where it’s safe.

1) Quite Areas

adventure time shut up GIF

When reading, one would not enjoy being distracted. Especially during certain points in a book. For me, when I am in the middle of an intense battle scene where people are really angry and dYiNg…… I tend to become so invested in the scene that I get angry and sad because…. MY FRIENDS ARE DYING AND YOU WANT TO TELL ME DINNERS READY??!?!?!?

Having peace and quiet tend to mean that we can focus more on what is happening in the book….instead of in real life….we could walk to god knows where, I personally have not walked and read a book as of late…. but I know it’s an ability that a few possess through dark magic probably they could trip over stuff and get hURT?? I am worried.

But yeah, quite places. Very nice. Make me very productive.

2) Comfy Spaces

I enjoy reading in a quite room in a large pile of pillows in an extremely fluffy blanket, Sometimes I even burn some incense if I’m feeling good. Sometimes we get so comfortable that we don’t even move at all and 60 years have gone by and your cat has grown a beard and become a wizard.

It is absolutely no good to sit and read like this:

polar bear GIF
Literally me; I tend to slide down in the pillows and can’t get up….



3) Library or Somewhere filled with Books

kids read GIF

This is just a wonderful place to be in general…. if you ignore the terror of the towering TBRs But to read in a place full of books….. *dreamy sigh*

Reading in the presence of books makes you want to read more, because you typically want to get to all the books that are there, so you would need to read faster and more often.

The pressure the staring books put on you would be enough to encourage a speed read…. unless you are fearless…. in which case I applaud you *gives you a cookie*

4) Window Seat ❤

If you are one of those lucky people whose houses/apartments have window seats… be sure that I am very jelly of you…. *cries a river* 

plane seat GIF
Can I squish in on the window seats??????

You can just sit there and watch the world go on, as you are comfortable and safe although your heart isn’t safe from the feels….. it never is….. it just sounds like a great time…. drink some tea read a book and be super comfortable, bet the lighting that you get from sitting near a window is real good too.

You get bonus points if it’s raining outside while you read….. heck you can have all the points….

5) Outside???

I haven’t personally read outside before…. I just hide inside…. all the time. I might consider reading in a forest….. trees do the whoosh whoosh sound…. it’s very calming.

I have heard (or read if you wanna be specific) that reading at the beach is a nice experience….. I don’t think I’d ever try this though…… because sand….. It always gets everywhere…. and there are people there that I would watch in case they attack me or something….. they might steal my book…. or worse…. throw sand in my book 

idea intensifies GIF

Obviously it is possible to read anywhere, but if the goal is to read as much as you can…. then you must achieve MAXIMUM COMFYNESS!!!!

Where do you guys read? Do you have to be buried in a pile of pillows and blankets to read lots too? Are you guys anxious about reading in public??? Or is it just me????

Talk to you guys Later 😀

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