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Next Books I Am CONQUERING From My TBR This Month (I Hope) (Please)

For this month I have one heck of a pile stacked up ready for me to read… Now I just need to… read them…..


Me. Following set lists…. funny…

But….On the plus side… if I succeed this set list of mine….

Then I would complete 2 of my 2018 goals…. Which is pretty dang exciting.

I’m pretty dang excited.

Dang it…..

1) Finish The Young Elites Series

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I am currently reading The Rose Society by Marie Lu…. still….. *sobs* I don’t know why it’s taking me so long…. it’s already such a good book…..and I am adoring this series…. it’s so dark and twisted and I really like it, it’s quite refreshing from the whole, “THE HEROES CAN DO NO WRONG!” thing…….I don’t know why I am not picking it up…. maybe because I’m procrastinating an assignment ….. and so I feel guilty…. maybe I’ll write the assignment and be done with it…. because I wanna read…. so baaaaaaaad.

After I finish that, I’m gonna go straight to the third and final book The Midnight Star; which just sounds so beautiful….. A+ Title…. 100% makes me wanna read it…. stars…. yay…. This would complete my first set goal for 2018…. WOOOOOOO!

2) Start and Finish The Illuminae Files….Hopefully?

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As soon as I finish that beautiful and dark and stabby series, I’m going straight to The Illuminae Files by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. This would complete my 5th goal on my 2018 list…. also, everybody talks about these books…. they’ve been recommended highly by everyone on the book blog-o-sphere.

So, I’m going to read them…… I want to join in and feel this pain that everyone else feels…..

attention pulls GIF
Book Pain, is the Best pain…. I seek it out like I seek food….. it’s good for me…. right?

3) Start the ACOTAR Series Before the Month Ends… 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then I want to read something completely off the rails from my goals….. I wanna read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah. J. Mass…. 

Because the new (4th, I think it’s like novellas of after the events of the first three?) book comes out like the 1st of May…. I read the Throne of Glass series pretty fast (probably because I was worried about the cinnabun Dorian….. He’s such a dork, bless him) So, if I read these guys last, at the end of the month…. I will be ready…..

ready bring it on GIF
Me @ any feels that want to DESTROY ME!

Do you guys have set goals for this month?? Are they as hopeful as mine??? I seriously doubt I’m going to be able to read all these but I sure am hella determined…. JUST YOU TRY AND STOP ME WORLD!!!!! I WON’T HAVE IT!!!! I WILL WIN!!!! BAAAAAAHHHHH!

Are you guys also slowly but surely completing your 2018 reading goals???? Let me know…. Because I am moving at a slow snail pace…. a guilty slow snail pace…

Have a good day guys 😀

6 thoughts on “Next Books I Am CONQUERING From My TBR This Month (I Hope) (Please)”

  1. I haven’t read The Young Elites-trilogy yet but since I’ve grown to love Lu’s writing, I can’t imagine not liking those? Some day I’ll buy and read them!

    As for The Illuminae Files and the ACOTAR-books: READ THEM ALREADY. I love all of them. They ripped me to shreds and I love them for it. ❤ [Although it's no secret I hated Obsidio for a little while because of the enormous hangover it gave me. I didn't read for a week.. :')]

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    1. YEEEEEEES! The first one was very good, I think the reason it’s taking me so long to get through The Rose Society, is that I read the first book ages ago… maybe I should re-read it and then just binge read the rest XD

      I’m so very tempted to put The Rose Society down and just belly flop into Illuminae….. it keeps looking at me. It wants to bring me pain…… and I’ll accept it because I need it. ❤


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      1. Haha, that could definitely help! I always struggle with sequels as well.. It’s as if my brain tells me “NOPE” whenever I want to binge a series. Then it just takes ages for me to pick up the next installment and by the time I do.. i struggle to get through it because I’ve forgotten most things and it just feels off?

        Hahaha; if you need it, JUST DO IT! And you can always go back and reread The Young Elites after you binge-read The Illuminae Files. 😀

        Liked by 5 people

        1. I’ve done it…. dived into the deep end…..I don’t even have a life vest…..
          The Young Elites is judging me…. from afar. Maybe I’ll put them downstairs so that I don’t keep feeling guilty when I look at them o.O

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