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Pros and Cons of Acquiring the Books Methods o.O

Books are one of those things that, every house is almost guaranteed to have some type of book in their house. Whether it’s a cookbook, a reading book, a journal. Everyone probably has one….. I for one have a lot of reading books….. and un-used notebooks……I needed them guys, I swear…..

Alas, our modern lives have proven to finally be slightly positive in the sense that now…. there are so many different ways to get your hands on a book.

Let’s just pounce on into this magical list I have in my head, of ways to collect the books… so that we can keep the books…..forever.

cat pounce GIF
Me when books are mentioned in anything…

1) Library

library imagine GIF
*dreamy sigh*

I’m willing to bet that the majority of us here, have been inside a library at least once in our lives. They are easily 0one of the first places you think of when you think of a place with a collection of books.

Basically, a library is the home of the ultimate book hoarder… they win….. we should all just go home…. What if that’s how a library became a thing…. someone just hoarded loads of books and then some one was like “Hey, lets share your books with everyone! FOR FREE!” and the owner of said books was all “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THEY WERE EXPENSIVE!”

I personally don’t go to libraries much. I would like to but the libraries near me don’t have any YA….. and I am offended.


  • Free books, you can read the books…. without paying the price…. money wise at least.
  • Make friends. (Hey! It’s possible. ok? Maybe? Become friends with the librarian… they always seen friendly… they are probably seething inside because people are taking all the pretties)
  • Libraries tend to have some unique editions of some books, and they have books that may not be available anywhere else. For example, most libraries have beautiful collections of older books. The. Spines. They are always so perfect.


  • THE FEES…. (Top Tip: Never bring the book back late…. I made the mistake in my schools library once… I was so ashamed… It was an educational book though… so I wasn’t actually reading it… otherwise everything was returned on time I swear :D)
  • Where have these books been?!?!?!? (This is one of the larger problems I have with libraries; you never know the horrors that a particular book may have faced elsewhere…. it could turn on you in middle of the night… basically, it’s very dangerous to take a book when it is angry. [Top Tip #2; Don’t check out angry looking books. For your own safety.])
  • You can’t keep the precious.…. (Don’t lie… we all want to hoard enough books to create our own libraries…. but put of human decency we return the books we borrowed… BUT WE THEN HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT BOOKS ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO BUY FOR OUR LIBRARIES BECAUSE WE READ THEM FOR FREE! MWHAHAHAHAHA!)


2) Book Stores

Book stores. If we see one, and if we have time…. we always have to go in. If not to browse and/or buy, then to smell.

Bookstores always smell so heavily of pages, probably because they are constantly getting in new books and so the smell lingers…. I love it.

What I have noticed about bookstores is, when you go in one it’s always quiet. There’s no sign at the door, no one comes up to you and says “Welcome to our bookstore! Don’t make any noise.”

It’s just quiet. It’s one of the things that I love about them. In libraries it’s also generally quiet, but occasionally people will go in to study in groups and so casual chatter starts. But book shops, I mean it’s a shop… it should be loud like other shops but it’s not… maybe it’s the type of people who go in them that make it so peaceful.

Mind you I have only been in a few different bookshops in my life (I frequent the one closer to me, although it is so small….. it’s cute though) …. so the bookstores that you guys go to may be different.


  • New Books… (Everybody gets excited about buying themselves some new books… especially if they are new releases.)
  • YOU GET TO KEEP THEM FOREVER AND EVER (unless you decide to sell them, which is fine.)
  • Recommendations; The bookstore in my area have these little tag thing on the shelves that are written by the booksellers… so you get to see which books they liked and why, often I am compelled to pick up a book because of them… especially the sad books…. they always write about them in a good light…. then you pick it up and you wonder why it tore your heart out when the booksellers had said it was lovely ;_;)
  • SOMETIMES THERE’S A SALE!!!!!!! (I do love a good sale… I’m sure we all do)

excited james woods GIF


  • THE PRICE!!! *passes out* (Books are typically expensive if you buy them from a traditional bookstore… which means that our book buying habits are very damaging indeed.)
  • People… (I don’t mean this harshly) Sometimes when you’re in a bookstore, occasionally there will be people who are a little rude. I’ve been shoved before… I hope it was not on purpose… I just wouldn’t know how to respond to random people being hostile to me… unless it’s a Scream and Run type of plan. I panic, always to scared that people are going to be scary.
  • Distance. The closest bookstore to me is still a 30 minute drive, so paying travel costs and still having money to fund my ever growing book buying addiction can be a problem. The world is an expensive place….


oh yeah thumbs up GIF
My favourite part of the game…

Online shopping for me is the best. It’s so simple. Online shopping means that you can stay at home and other people have to bring the stuff to you…. We don’t even have to spend ages looking for that one book that no ones really heard of but suddenly we need it…. they do, all we have to do is pay.

AMAZOOOOOOOOON! I love Amazon. I consider Amazon my best friend. Don’t need anything else in life.

I prefer it for several reasons…


  • People bring the good stuff to you (There would have been the argument that maybe we wouldn’t be there to get the package…. but now there are so many alternatives. Amazon has these pick up locations at places like supermarkets, so they deliver it there are you just go pick it up…. I haven’t tried it myself… but I googled it, I wanted to know what the magical yellow box was for.)
  • Don’t even need to leave to house. Just stay inside. Forget the world. Read the books you have while you await your new preciouses.
  • Soooo many different books. There are looooooads of books on amazon that I’ve never heard of before, and they all sound great….. naturally I have them all listed for when I next go to buy some new books….. at this rate I’m buying new books every month…… I don’t need money. HA!
  • PRICES! This is one of the things that I truly adore about online shopping. It’s almost always cheaper that going into stores. Buying books on Amazon is way cheaper than buying books in a traditional bookstore. I get hella excited when I see a new release priced at £4…….. Now, how the heck am I supposed to resist that????? ALSO< WE CAN BUY MORE BOOKS FOR LESS MONEY!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!


  • Postage. Luckily on Amazon, spending over £10 on books means free postage. THANK GOSH!! POSTAGE WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE OTHERWISE!!!!! I think Book Depository has free worldwide shipping… Which is amazing, I have yet to buy from there yet…. I think I might. But sometimes postage can be hella expensive.
  • Potential Damage. While this is rare, I have had it happen before. The parcel had clearly ripped open and been haphazardly taped back together. But it was during a storm, and so I guess the parcel was thrown around. I felt like crying for the poor books when they came, they were covered in mud and soaked, one of the spines were completely ripped off. It was a very traumatic time…. BUUUUUUT because Amazon and I are BFF’s they took the damaged books back, and got them replaced with shiny new ones. True Friendship.
  • Scary People Knocking on the Door. I can’t be the only one who panics when someone knocks on the door… I find it scary… Sometimes you have to sign for the package too…. which I suck at….. I don’t know how or why but I can never sign properly on those machine things….. it never works. (They would check my signature on there with my real one and take my books away. Nooooooooooooooooo) Also, it’s nerve wracking ’cause they are just standing there waiting for you to finish signing and you’re just like, “Oh no, that is not an L…..” T.T   THERE IS NO BACKSPACE!!!! CANNOT UNDO THE MISTAKE!!!!


Of course there are other ways of obtaining books but these are the main three that I could think of. I know that borrowing books from friends is also a good way to get all the books, but again you can’t keep them….. that would be mean. And I’m a good bean.

I made a rhyme…….

How do you guys get your hands on the books? Do you also adore acquiring the books from the comfort of your own home? Are you also scared of people knocking on your door? Or is it just me? 


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