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3 Bookish Things I Have Discovered And Am Very Excited For.

There are currently three pieces of news that are making me go crazy. Like running around in circles hoping time will go faster. So I decided to share these pieces of news.

I found a new book that’s coming out next year and I really need it. It’s written by Marie Lu. And it’s about music. And a magical kingdom. And Mozart’s sister. Kingdoms. Magic. Just Magic. I’m sold.

It’s called, Kingdom of Back. There’s no definite release date. Except that it comes out 2019.

This is all we have to go on ;_; :

Based on the childhood of composer Mozart and his sister Nannerl. When a magical imp (in the form of a gorgeous teen boy) from the “imaginary” kingdom of Back offers to fulfil her secret wish to always be remembered, Nannerl unwittingly makes a terrible pact to solidify her place in history.

spongebob squarepants waiting GIF
We just have to wait a year… biggie

The Title for the Final Book in the Throne of Glass Series was announced a while ago.


Doesn’t it sound painful… I’ve planned my funeral.


evil on fire GIF

The more recent news is that KING OF SCARS HAS A COVER!!!


It’s too beautiful…..

adventure time finn GIF

ALSO: It was announced that in this series Nina (from Six of Crows) will have a PoV.


I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE NIKOLAI BUT I ALREADY ADORE YOU!! He had better not get hurt I swear….

Chat with me 1

What are you news are you guys most excited about? Do you know any other news that will make me cry? Please do share. I’ll cry. It’s Fine. Tears are good for my skin.

10 thoughts on “3 Bookish Things I Have Discovered And Am Very Excited For.”

  1. ik!! marie lu is such an incredible writer and it’s so much fun reading her books!!
    we’re all going to die in kingdom of ash, who are we even kidding?
    i’m reading the grisha trilogy rn. i’ve just read the first so far and the world is very interesting and i’m excited to read more and then get to six of crows! i actually just bought six of crows! 😊 AND I’M VV EXCITED TOO 🙈💜

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    1. I’d literally buy anything with her name on. I trust her so much 😀
      We’re basically already dead…. why deny our fates any longer?
      😮 I was worried that the Grisha Trilogy wasn’t all that good, I’ve heard people say that they didn’t enjoy it. But they then went on to adore Six of Crows.
      I’m never one to just not read a book because of reviews… If it sounds interesting, or like something I’d like. I read it.
      I’m glad you liked it! I may try getting to it this month if I have time…
      And THEN Six of Crows *evilly rubs hands together, cackling*


      1. oml same, marie lu is a goddess ♥️
        yep yep yep, koa – the end of life as we know it
        i didn’t LOVE shadow and bone but it seemed a good book and i want to continue with the series! it is also interesting watching authors get better at writing !! 🌸
        ~ Reet

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  2. Ahhh, I didn’t know there was a new Marie Lu book announced I’M SO EXCITED !!! Also, yess, KOA is currently 1000 pages long (it might or might not be cut down in editing)! And I haven’t started reading Six of Crows yet BUT I’M STILL EXCITED !! I LOVE THIS POST AHHH ~ Reet

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    1. AHHHH I KNOW RIGHT?!?! Just thinking about a new Marie Lu book and I just !!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHH GIMME!

      Yeessssssss, 1000 pages of pain! I’m excited about it and I want everyone of those precious little beans to be okay and live happily ever after…… but I low-key know that that’s probably not going to happen ; _ ;

      I haven’t read Six of Crows yet either (or the Grisha Trilogy for that matter) But I’m really excited about it!!!!!
      I think it’s become one of those books that I am avoiding because I know it’s going to be good, so I just read everything else and if I’m not loving them I’m all; “Well at least Six of Crows won’t disappoint me.” But then I never get to it???? I don’t know why it’s taking me so long…. it seems like something I’ll love…… WHY AM I WAITING?????
      THANK YOU ❤ 😀

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    1. If anybody precious so much as get hurt…. I will literally cry for the rest of my life. THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY! ;_;
      Let’s hope SJM will take pity on our poor souls 😀

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