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Recent Additions To My TBR Mountain

Ah yes. The TBR. A vicious gentle, loving creature. Like a pet. So loving and happy to see you all the time, might be plotting your demise buuut who are we to accuse?

And like a pet we feed it everyday, while gazing dreamily into the future think about all the other “food” we’re going to feed it. Yet unknowingly, the more we feed it, the stronger it becomes.

It waits, in the shadows, in the corner of the room, under your bed. It bides its time, until it becomes strong enough to crush unsuspecting humans  fight in a fair duel against its one true enemy.


animals being jerks ambush GIF

But we’re not surprised, we brought this upon ourselves tbh.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl, in which bloggers and readers alike can scream together about books but in different topics each week!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is “Most Recent Additions to my TBR!”

For today’s post I’m going to be listing 10 books that I’ve recently added to my PHYSICAL TBR!!! I am very surprised that I have 10, but I like being crushed alive apparently.

Let’s FLY INTO THE LIST!!!!!!!

All covers link back to Goodreads so you guys can check them out too! None of the books on this list are sequels, so click away to first book – no spoilery heaven!


These are 10 books that have found a new home in my physical TBR!

I just realised how many gorgeous covers there are…. I definitely did not cover buy….all of them…

adventure time flirting GIF

What books have you adopted into your TBR recently?? Were they all new releases? Or were some of them older books?? How suffocating has your TBR become???

10 thoughts on “Recent Additions To My TBR Mountain”

  1. I just got Circle of Shadows in my Scribbler box so it’s also on my physical tbr! I also finished Honor Among Thieves a few days ago and I’m interested to see what you think. I really want to (FINALLY!!!) get to Strange the Dreamer, so that’s def coming up soon and I can’t wait. 🙂 Happy reading!!

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    1. YAAAAAAAAS! Circle of Shadows has such a beautiful cover!! I’m going to take a thousand pictures of it 😂 Here’s hoping we both love it when we get round to reading it! 🤞

      I’m a little cautious of Honor Among Thieves tbh. I want to read it, it sounds amazing! But also, I’m wary because sometimes when 2 authors write a book it can be confusing. Like one author writing a chapter and the other missing a few points and then the readers are just left confused. I’m hoping it’s at least an enjoyable read!

      *distant screeching of joy* STRANGE THE DREAMER!! I really want to know what you think, I loved it! Still haven’t read Muse of Nightmares yet buuuuut, I will soon! Maybe when you read Strange we can read Muse together?? And cry together. Strange made me cry a little… I feel like Muse might too 😭
      Happy Reading! ❤️

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      1. It is gorgeous!!! I love the cool tones.

        I don’t want to say anything to sway your opinion, but I know what you mean. It’s two authors but only one POV which I think may have attributed to all the things I didn’t like, but they may be things you end up liking!

        A read together sounds awesome!! I usually cry alone but together on different sides of a screen sounds preferable lolol. I’m definitely cuing Strange the Dreamer up after I finish my current read. Stay tuned lol!

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        1. I’m generally low-key scared of duel author books. Though there have been some that I have enjoyed and loved, i.e. The Illuminae Files. Here’s hoping I’ll enjoy some of it! 😀

          YEEEEEEEEES! Let’s cry together at the evil words of authors who want to make us cry XD

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  2. I have about 200 books on my TBR. My recent additions have all been new releases, but I add older books too. I’ve seen a lot about Circle of Shadows, but I haven’t added it to my TBR at the moment.

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    1. Sometimes I wonder when it will ever end. But then I know that I will never be able to not add books to my TBR 😂 I like hoarding new releases because, new and shiny books make me happy. But I also like hoarding all the older books too! There are so many gems that are hidden that we need!
      Circle of Shadows sounds amazing (ninjas! Magic! Magic academy!) and I can’t wait to devour it! I hope you like it if you do decide to add it to your TBR!
      Happy Reading! ❤️


    1. Thank you! My physical TBR is literally out for blood at this point 😂😂
      I’ve seen Circe on a lot of lists too! The cover is so beautiful I just want to stare at it all day!
      Happy Reading! ❤️


    1. Same ! Cats are just fun to watch? The way they act, and interact with each other is entertaining 😂
      YAAAAS I’m so ready to fly face first into Grave Mercy! It sounds awesome, I’m glad you liked it!
      Circe is beautiful and I’ve heard that it is just as beautiful within! I hope we can both get to it soon!


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