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The Most Shipable TYPES Of Ships That Could Ever Be Shipped

We all enjoy the little bit of fluffy romance that we find in books, amongst all that stabby emotional pAIN!

Sometimes reading the happy, adorable, that character better not die, joyful, love filled, oh no, he’s dead now…… *a thousand screams of anguish*

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And so, here, I present to you, a list of my favourite romantic tropes! *flails*

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl, in which bloggers and readers alike can scream together about books but in different topics each week!

Today’s prompt is “Favourite Couples!”

Hate > Love

Ah yes. The good old, “I HATE YOU BUT YOU HAVE A NICE FACE! SO, I’M GOING TO STARE AT YOU UNTIL I LOVE YOU!” *intense glaring*

And then they fall in love after many, many banterous conversations. And unexpectedly saving each other from death because, “You dying would cause more problems for me. There’s no other reason that I saved you. None. Not even one. Zero….. stop looking at me?”

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Honourable MENTION!!!

When two characters hate each other purely because of their warring kingdoms or peoples, but then they come to realise that not all is as it seems and then they love everything about each other and maybe conquer those problematic kingdoms… YAY to romance!

For Example!

“Wait. So, you and your people DON’T eat babies?” She asked, confusion twisting her face.

He turned from the counter he had been leaning over. His eyes narrowed at the accusation. “No. We eat baby cupcakes.” He said, seconds before he shoved 5 of the miniature cupcakes into his mouth all at once.

Forbidden Love

Awww! This is the one where two sweet little beans fall in love, basically after 2 whole conversations. But they’re not aloud to be together (’cause of some horrid reason or other) so they just stare at each other longingly across rooms….. for the whole book. The true champions of love tbh.

Adventure Time GIF

UNTIL THE END!! Or… the next book. THEN they get to be together! Usually. Unless the author has done a bit of the murder.

One Likes Stabbing, One Likes Cupcakes

This is a trope. This is a good trope. The BEST trope.

LOVE pairings that have completely different personalities. It sends a big “LOVE EVERYONE, NO MATTER IF YOU DON’T ENJOY THE SAME THINGS” message, and I am so here for it!

Bigger points if the stabby character is being cute with their precious love in public and people are all *loud gasp* “That’s that stabby dude!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!??!” And then there’s a local panic because ??????? HOW? IS THIS A KIDNAPPING? DID HE STEAL THAT SMOL PRECIOUS BEAN FROM THEIR HOME?!?! But then cupcake bean just smiles all cute and stabby bean is all:

Threaten Adventure Time GIF

Stabby bean has a reputation to uphold. But now everyone knows they aren’t stabby at heart.

A Trope Thingy I’d Like To See

I don’t think this is much of an actual trope buuuuuut.

I want to see more of the two love interests falling in love in mundane ways? Especially in fantasy. They always seem to meet when they’re fighting the Great Evil, or when something important to the story happens. While I really love that tropey thing too, I really want to read about a fantasy couple who meet in a bakery and bond because they were both standing there drooling over the same cake. This is how you make friends. I think?

Also! Imagine, our protag is doing their best defeating the evil, but when they go home, they have a romance going on with someone in their village? They don’t have to be almighty, powerful people to be loved! I want to see a Chosen One, Super Powerful protag fall in love with the baker boy because that boy romanced said protag with cake.

Adventure Time GIF

I was going to put love triangles on this list, but I kind of have a love/hate relationship with them. XD

And it would have been the length of a whole post! XD

What romance tropes do you love reading? Are there any tropes you wish to see more of? Or any that you wished existed? How do you feel about love triangles?

8 thoughts on “The Most Shipable TYPES Of Ships That Could Ever Be Shipped”

  1. NO IT’S BABY CUPCAKES omggg I’m dying 😂😂 little misunderstanding there. Just tiny. No big deal. But like I am 100% onboard with your favourite romance tropes here too. I also like really big wild action scenes happening and like the protagonist’s LIFE is in DANGER, but then in the down-times, they’re off trying to flirt with a girl in the library or whatever. Am so here for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just a smol misunderstanding! 😂 YES! I totally agree! We need some fluff that is separate from the stab. 😂


  2. I also want mundane love!!!! A lot of relationships just happen when people are being people and I think that would be cool to see in books. I would also like to see people who are already in a relationship and are kicking butt together! Sometimes love is beautiful just because it’s love, not only because it happens while two people are Saving The World.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I agree, there are so many books about finding love, and the beginning of love. But there aren’t any (??) about already being in love and then having to save the world together or get through a problem together. We definitely need more stories that begin with fully formed love, then that love could grow throughout the book and it would be cute and fun. And extremely fluffy! 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! I feel like that’s a very good start to any relationship tbh. What are the chances that some one IN a bakery doesn’t like cake? Or amazing baked goods? I KNOW I DO! ANYONE WHO SCREAMS AT ME ABOUT CAKE IS AN INSTANT FRIEND!!
      Forbidden love is a really good trope! But sometimes authors make it painful and I cry alot XD


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