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Under Hyped Books I’m Excited For

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday post was supposed to be “Books I Loved With Under 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads” …. and I can’t think of any?? Or find any on my Goodreads??

I mean, my Goodreads is pretty new but I thought there would at least be a few? Everything I have read in the past year or so has been fairly hyped?? Or has a lot of ratings? When did this happen?

SO! Instead of following this weeks topic (but also kinda following the topic), I’m going to list some books that are under-hyped (or at least I haven’t seen any hype for them?) and not talked about much, that I am really excited to read!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl, in which bloggers and readers alike can scream together about books but in different topics each week!

Covers are linked to their respective Goodreads pages, so you can check out these awesome sounding books too! 


The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs

I’ve never read Twilight. Nor do I think I want to. But it seems kinda sad that Vampire books just kinda stopped after Twilight? Like, there is so much potential for Vampire books? Holly Black wrote an amazing Vampire book (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown [link will take you to Goodreads]) so there have to be good ones out there riiiiiight??? That’s mainly why I’m excited about this book. Other wise… I’m not too sure what it’s about? Dinner with a Vampire sounds like it could be fun!

johnny depp vampire GIF


The Traitor Prince by C. J. Redwine

I am loving this series!!! This is book 3, but it follows different characters that the first two (you don’t have to read the first two to read this one, but there are little easter eggs. Like old characters popping in to say helloooooo), they are just all set in the same world. AND! Even better! All of them are fairy tale retellings! SQUEEEE! This one is based on an old Arabian Tale called The False Prince and is also inspired by The Prince and The Pauper!

I loved The Shadow Queen (Book 1) and am currently reading The Wish Granter (Book 2) and book 4, The Blood Spell, has recently been released and it’s a Cinderella retelling and I. Am. Deceased.

fairy tale disney GIF


The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles

Okay. But I really love this cover change. This one has actually been on my TBR for a while…. and I have no idea why I haven’t picked it up? Otherworldly bounty hunters who collect evil souls? Hello! Also, it sounds like there’s a big old, Forbidden Love in here…

Screaming How To Train Your Dragon GIF


The Secret Fire by C. J. Daugherty & Carina Rozenfeld

Ah yes. What’s better than destiny not letting you die until it wants you to, but if you do then bad things will happen to everyone? Oh I KNOW! A CHOSEN ONE WHOSE SUPPOSED TO SAVE YOU FROM THIS BOOKED IN THE CALENDAR DEATH!! BUT THEN THERE IS ALSO MAGIC AND A BLOOMING ROMANCE AND TRUCK LOADS OF DANGER! I’m sold. I want. I need. *grabby hands* Gimme.


Witchborn by Nicholas Bowling

The more witch books in the world, the better. This one is a historical book! YAY for stepping outside comfort zones! This is supposedly a pretty dark and atmospheric read and I’m pretty excited about it! Also…. Cover = Beautiful.

Happy Exicted GIF


Hold Back The Stars by Katie Khan

Apparently this is Adult?? For some reason I thought it was YA? *shrug*

I’ve been meaning to read more Sci-Fi, and this one caught my eye a while ago. Apparently (judging by what some reviews say), it’s more romance than Sci-Fi, but it’s in space…. so I’m excited about it! It also sounds stressful… suspended in space, drifting away from their ship with 90 minutes of oxygen left…. very stressful. But exciting stressful?


Nemesis by Brendan Reichs

I love a good mystery dystopian in which the new ruling government hides loads of big secrets only to be defeated by a group of teenagers. I’m definitely intrigued to read about this whole, “I’ve been murdered four times but after it I wake up far away from the scene and am completely fine.”….. I smell GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!


The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

Let me checklist this one. There’s too much greatness.

  • Library.
  • Library that has spies.
  • Fiction from different realities.
  • Alternative London.
  • Dangerous Book retrieval mission.
  • Supernatural Creatures.
  • Unpredictable Magic.

This is only some of what we get from the synopsis. Oooo, also the MC, Irene, has an assistant called Kai… is hiding secrets. Is he a supernatural creature? Does he have magic? Does HE HAVE THE BOOK? Is he the villain??

I have so many questions, and I am so hyped to read this book!

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Are there any under hyped books you’re super excited for? Are there any you’ve read and loved? Let me know!

Feel free to link your TTT posts below!

22 thoughts on “Under Hyped Books I’m Excited For”

  1. SO BASICALLY… what I gather, and what this weeks theme has shown me, is that there are SO MANY BOOKS THAT I NEED TO READ. And we need to hype them all up more because they deserve it. Ah, I am so beyond obsessed with that cover art for Witchborn. I think I might be actually swooning? I’m weak in the knees. I’m lightheaded. Yep! I’m in love. I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover but like *grabby hands*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaa! SAME! There are so many under-hyped books that sounds SO AMAZING and we definitely need to scrEAM ABOUT THEM FOREVER!!!
      That cover… that cover is dangerous. Too beautiful for the eYES! Proceed with caution. *shields eyes from the pure, unfiltered beauty that I definitely cannot handle*


    1. Will do! I feel like it’s going to be enjoyable, with the whole “You’re going to die on this exact day and then a whole ton of bad things are going to happen to the world, and only you and this girl you don’t know can save everyone” XD


  2. Ahh I actually recognise a few of these! I admit I definitely tend to read hyped books more and ones that are easy to find…like sometimes the underhyped ones are also expensive *whines to the sky* But I’ve read The Invisible Library and The Edge of Everything and I reeeally want to read Nemesis! Some of my favourite underhyped ones are: The Wicker King, The Art of Feeling, and The Dangerous Art of Blending In!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh. There are some that are so expensive! I think the most I ever saw was £16.99 for a 300 page paperback *passes out*
      I’m really excited to read The Invisible Library and The Edge of Everything! Must! Read! At! Faster! Pace! To read all the things!
      I’ve heard of The Wicker King before, I’ve heard that there are cinnabun boys to be loved?? ❤


  3. I definitely need more vampire books? Like a little on the scary side but not horror, per se? Maybe I’m too picky lol. The Secret Fire looks awesome and I’ve liked some of Daugherty’s other stuff.

    Ooh the Invisible Library. I liked that one but haven’t read any of the sequels. Nemesis sounds kinda cool too. I never get sick of teenagers vs dystopian gov’t haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! We need the Vampires to scare us and not be like fairy tale Princes/Princess (though sometimes this could maybe work?)! Let them be the monsters they truly are! But at the same time give them heart and make them lovable!
      Yay! I’m glad! I’ve not seen anyone talk about it in the blog’o’sphere, and it sounds so good!
      Me neither! Teens vs dystopian gov is the ultimate showdown and I live for it! 😀


  4. Oooh all of these books look so good and are ones that aren’t even on my TBR! *adds them all to Goodreads* It’s kind of sad because the books that have less than 2,000 views are probably books that could do really well if they were more hyped. Because to me hype is more of a social thing than an actual marker of a good book. One of my favorite books, Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard does less than 1,000 reviews and is probably one of the few under hyped Goodreads-wise book I can recommend. It turns out I thought I read under hyped … but not really? I have a few on my TBR that look fantastic and have a few hundred reviews, maybe I should make a point to read them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOOOP! Increase that TBR! XD *is both apologetic to your tbr and pleased that you’ve found new books*
      So true! I find it so sad to think that there’s a potential favourite book hiding somewhere and I might never find it because it’s not so “hyped” T _ T Hyped books are just books that everyone is excited to read, sometimes they’re great! But sometimes they’re not what everyone was expecting.
      Okay but Wanderlove sounds like a real good contemporary read!!! I LOVE road-trip/self-discovery YA!!
      ME TOO! I thought I was reading all the range of books, but I’m not?? All the books I’ve read are considered hyped books and I am SHOOK! There are so many good books that have so few reviews! Most definitely need to set aside a month or something to read books with fewer reviews!

      Liked by 1 person

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