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Small Changes in My Reading Life

As readers I think it’s safe to say that every time we read a book, something about our lives change. Our reading habits might also change with each book.

For example, I learned that reading a whole book sitting at my desk was a sure fire way to dEsTroY mY bAcK!! But it was a good book. So it was kinda worth it.


Anyway, my point is, we learn things. All the things.

Because books are great teachers.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is “Changes to My Reading Life!”

TTT is a weekly meme, in which bloggers take on a new prompt every Tuesday!

And so, here is a pretty small list of changes to my reading life. That I know of.

I’m pretty sure the books on my shelf have a mind of their own and have changed things about my life without me realising.

Contemporary Books Are Now My Jam!

I’ve mentioned this on this blog before…. somewhere. But I used to exclusively read YA Fantasy only! I wasn’t interested at all in fluffy contemporaries and had actually never even read the synopsis of one (past me was clearly a criminal, she didn’t know what she was missing out on), until my eyes snagged onto a review of Brigid Kemmerer’s Letters to the Lost!

NOW I SEE THE LIGHT! I now actively hoard all the fluffy, cute contemporaries. I find I reach for them more during the colder months though, probably because I want to melt from all the feels. Expect a recommendation post soon!

Here are some of my favourites:

34680953. sy475 36514923. sy475 30724132

Standalone Books Make Me Go Fast!

I don’t know if it’s because all the answers are only pages away from my grasp, or because I will forever and always champion standalone books, especially fantasy standalones!

I read standalone books waaaaaaaaay faster than I do the first book of a series, even if I have all the next books on the shelf. Unless it’s a really good series that I was excited for and am not being disappointed by. In that case, I will devour all the pages and the cover and I will show no mercy.

must read them all wayward pines GIF
By the way! This GIF is from the anime Beyond the Boundary, which was really good. I was 100% laughing while made of tears. 

Here are some of my favourite Standalones:



I’ve been trying to prioritise reading before going to sleep, something always crops up during the day that demands all of my attention, so I have less time to read. Reading at the end of the day just makes more sense for me at the moment.

But sometimes I just. Don’t. Stop. Reading.

Well I do… when I finished the book.

And it’s not nighttime anymore.

This is fine, right?

Let's Chat

What’s changed in your reading life recently or since the very beginning? Do you read certain books now that you wouldn’t have a while ago??

10 thoughts on “Small Changes in My Reading Life”

    1. YEEEEEEEEE! I love the comfy and soft contemporaries most! But I also like the ones that STAB ME STRAIGHT IN THE FEELS! ❤ *sigh* So nice.


    1. Oh my gosh me too!! If the next book in the series isn’t already out, and even if I buy it when it is out, chances are I won’t get to it immediately… or ever XD If the whole series is available to me, then chances are I might finish it! Maybe! It’s rare, but it might happen! XD
      But standalones… I could devour all the standalones! ❤


  1. I love standalones. I mean series are awesome and I love them too, but a standalone means no waiting for the series to continue, and they just… I don’t know, go quicker? I think you’re right about that. I’ve discovered contemporaries too since I started blogging and I do read them way more than I used to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? I feel so much more comfortable diving into a standalone than I do series. Not because I don’t like series, because I do! I really do! But knowing that I can start a book and get all the answers by the end is really comforting! Series are just out to break my heart with all those cliffhangers. Which is so rude XD
      YAY! I can’t believe I never read any contemporaries before, I definitely got more interested after I started blogging too!


    1. YEEEEES! The Scorpio Races was amazing!!!! ❤ I really want to reread it actually….
      OOOOOOOOOO! I LOVED Sorcery of Thorns, I hope you enjoy it when you get round to it!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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