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Books So Good That They Gave Me a Book Hangover (+ Some books on my TBR that I’m eyeing suspiciously because I think they’re out to bring me down too)

AND HERE THEY ARE FOLKS! I know you were waiting for this. A list of books that haunt me and make me cry every time they so much as cross my mind! Oh you didn't?? Oh. THERE'S ALSO BOOKS ON HERE THAT I *THINK* WILL HURT ME!!!! They've been plotting against me long enough anyway...

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Upcoming Releases That Will Make Me Headbutt The Pre-Order Button

Take a peek at this list of books that I am going to pre-order! Come tell me about your pre-order worthy books!

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Top Ten Tuesday: If I Were To Ever Leave My House… These Are Most Likely The Places I Would Go

Today's Top Ten Tuesday post: A short list of 7 libraries/bookstores that I would like to visit!!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books By My Fave Authors That Are Leading My TBR’s Uprising (my end draws near)

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is 10 books by my favourite authors that I haven't read yet! #tbrshame #again #there'salwayssometbrshame

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Top Ten Tuesday: The Ultimate List of Shame

Yet again..... I make another list of my biggest TBR shame. When will it end???

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Top Ten Tuesday: Let’s Wave Book Covers in the Air Instead of Flags, Ok?

Todays' Top Ten Tuesday is books the colour of your Countries Flag! I did two, and finally listed more than 10 for once XD