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19 Characters I Would Stalk On Social Media As I Try To Join Them On Their Quest

19 of my favourite characters that I would follow on social media, and!!! AND! What I think they would post about!
Also, I'm looking for more bookish people to follow! SO COME SCREAM AT ME!

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Books So Good That They Gave Me a Book Hangover (+ Some books on my TBR that I’m eyeing suspiciously because I think they’re out to bring me down too)

AND HERE THEY ARE FOLKS! I know you were waiting for this. A list of books that haunt me and make me cry every time they so much as cross my mind!
Oh you didn't??
THERE'S ALSO BOOKS ON HERE THAT I *THINK* WILL HURT ME!!!! They've been plotting against me long enough anyway...

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Some of My Favourite Bookish Tropes/Scenes/ … Things in Books? #1?

Here's a list of some of my favourite tropes, Scenes and general happenings in books! Come tell me which trope you love reading!

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Book Characters I Would Befriend Immediately (most likely by bribing them with cake)

10 Book Characters I Would Befriend! (if they don't steal my cake and run away... cake is precious)